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Valor Preparatory Academy - Head of School

Waco, Texas
Closing date
Sep 4, 2022

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Accredited by: Cognia

Member: National Association of University-Model Schools (NAUMS)

Location: Waco, Texas

The Role: Head of School

Appointment Year: 2023-2024

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Meet Valor Preparatory Academy:

Located in Waco, TX, Valor Preparatory Academy is a Christian school which operates as a University-Model School, providing education in the classical tradition. . Being a UMS school, Valor collaborates closely with parents in providing a quality education. In grades PK-8, the students learn at home under the supervision of parents on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In the rhetoric school (9-12), the students attend school five days per week, but have a shorter day and have a university-style course load similar to block scheduling. For rhetoric students, Valor expects a high degree of self-direction and management under the watchful and accountable eye of the faculty and parents.

Knowing and following God and recognizing Him in all things is at the heart of everything it does. By integrating the Scriptures and a Biblical worldview throughout the curriculum, the Lord is presented as the One in whom all knowledge is united. This approach requires all subjects, whether history, art, music, literature, mathematics, or science, to be taught in the light of God’s existence and His revelation to humanity through His Son, Jesus Christ. Because we are created in God’s image, we can appreciate the goodness He has made. But our inherent brokenness, coupled with the pressures of our culture, requires deliberate effort to focus on what is true, beautiful, and good. Each day, students engage with noble and beautiful objects of study, nourishing their imaginations so that they will always recognize the truth, beauty, and goodness of God in the world. This pursuit of truth, beauty, and goodness is coupled with a desire for students to develop a deep, genuine relationship with Jesus, becoming vessels to share His love with others. The faculty consistently look for teachable moments with students throughout each day to encourage this lifelong journey with Him.


Our mission is to provide an excellent education in partnership with our families guided by a Biblical worldview, the Classical tradition, and University Model of schooling.


Our vision is to develop passionate disciples of Jesus who possess a love for the good, true, and beautiful, and who are prepared to courageously influence culture for the glory of God.

School Profile

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About the Head of School:

Valor Preparatory Academy is seeking their next Head of School. The Head of School is responsible for the implementation of all policy decisions made by the Board of Trustees and is responsible for the oversight and health of the school. Responsibilities include communication with all constituents, spiritual development of students, enrollment, curriculum selection, fiscal management, campus operations, community advancement, and adherence to the school’s mission, vision, and values.

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The Head of School's Responsibilities & Expectations Include:

Vision/Mission/Values Stewardship

Owns and passionately communicates the vision, mission, & values (VM&Vs) to all stakeholders and to the surrounding community.

Develops and implements methods to promote and pro-actively encourage examples of Valor values.

Inspires positive cultural growth and corrects negative cultural trends.

Loves learning and pursues the effective implementation of classical and university model education.

Institutional & Academic Leadership

Oversees the development and implementation of the annual and long-term strategic planning process, translating the VM&Vs into clear goals and objectives and fosters alignment across the organization.

Ensure that appropriate Classical academics and learning are in place for Valor graduates to consistently gain entrance into quality universities.

Strong leader who values collective leadership and nurtures a strong team, ensuring that a spirit of collaboration exists.

Actively supports faculty and ensures that they have adequate resources.

  • Develops and implements the organizational structure, processes, and systems of accountability that allow for effective leadership and administration of Valor.
      Maintains an organizational culture that promotes college preparation for all students.
      Ensures that Valor meets or exceeds ongoing accreditation standards.
      Facilitates networking with education industry organizations, associations, and accrediting bodies (e.g., NAUMS, ACCS, ACSI, et al) and other classical and/or university-model schools.
      Fosters a dynamic and positive work environment to attract and retain quality faculty and staff.

Personnel Leadership

  • Recruits and retains excellent administrators, faculty, and staff.
      Oversees professional development of direct reports.
      Oversees the implementation of the evaluative process to facilitate encouragement & growth.
      Develops and maintains a succession plan for key employees to minimize transition risk.

Financial Development & Stewardship

  • Meaningfully advances development efforts to strengthen Valor’s long-term financial stability.
      Guides the formation and execution of the annual budget with financial and business acumen. 
      Leads the strategic process and execution of fundraising for capital expenses and scholarships.
      Identifies, builds, and strengthens lasting relationships with key donors.

Student/Family Recruitment & Retention

  • Strengthens enrollment to fill existing capacity and expand pipeline of new applicants.
      Consistently strategizes new means for attracting students to widen the pool of prospective students and recruit families that align with Valor’s VM&Vs.
      Ensures meaningful engagement throughout a family’s time at Valor; listens and responds to concerns and suggestions in a timely and respectful manner.

Internal/External Communication

  • Effectively markets Valor’s story and value to all Valor stakeholders, prospective students, donors, colleges & universities, and the broader Waco community.
      Builds relationships with key individuals to strengthen Valor’s ties to the community (e.g. pastors, city council members, etc.).
      Oversees marketing tools (e.g. website, brochures, etc.).
      Builds strong partnerships with local non-profits, underprivileged schools, and the local waco community to develop mutually supportive relationships and to address shared concerns and opportunities for outreach.

Board Relationship

  • Maintains a proactive, healthy, and effective relationship with the Board of Trustees.
      Serves as an ex-officio member of the Board.
      Monitors and transparently communicates health of the organization and policy suggestions to the Board; ensures all communication from the board and to the board is clear and thorough.
      Carries out other responsibilities as required by the Board.

This role description is intended to represent key areas of responsibilities; specific assignments may vary from time to time, and other duties may be assigned.

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What You Bring:

Education & Experience

  • Master’s degree in commensurate field is required.
  • Preference will be given to candidates with at least five (5) years of experience in educational administration within a private Classical Christian school setting.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Possesses good people skills and communicates effectively in written and oral communication.
      Respectfully partners with constituted authority.
      Thrives in working with a team, particularly in delegating tasks and responsibilities–consistently following up to ensure things are moving forward.
      Consistently gives and receives feedback and is committed to radical truth and transparency.
      Is able to diffuse difficult situations, solve problems, and respect confidentiality.
      Visible on campus and at school activities; recognizes the sensitive nature of his/her presence.
      Acts objectively when their own children are attending Valor.

Personal Characteristics & Qualifications

  • Exemplifies an active faith in God and dependence on the Holy Spirit
      Remains in good standing with a local church.
      Consistently models humility, grace, strength of character, and the fruit of the Spirit.
      Intentionally pursues community and develops genuine relationships.
      Seeks ongoing personal development.
      Maintains a personal appearance that is professional and modest.

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What It's Like to Live in Waco, Texas:

Waco is a fast-growing community with large city amenities and small-town charm located in the Heart of Texas. There’s something to do around every corner and friendly faces to help you along the way. It’s a college town situated on the Brazos River. Cameron Park is located next door to downtown and is one of the largest municipal parks in Texas, and it's where Waco celebrates life! The park is an oasis with towering trees, breathtaking cliffs, and a National Recreation Trail system.  Lake Waco provides beaches, boating, skiing, jet skiing, and countless water activities.  Dallas/Fort Worth and Austin aren’t that far away so all their offerings are accessible. The Hill Country is amazing. The athletic fan base for the local university is very strong, so there is a city-wide engagement in college sports. Waco is truly growing rapidly in its population and in its offerings.  Waco is a strong community supporting biblical family values. 

Process & Timeline

Interested candidates should begin the process through the link provided in the job posting.

Priority will be given to materials submitted prior to September 30th, 2022, however, candidates will be reviewed until the position is filled.

Valor Preparatory Academy would like to name their next Head of School by January of 2023.

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