Nonprofit Fundraising Software Partnership Marketing Success Specialist (Entry Level)

In this role you’ll be in daily contact with leading nonprofit technology and consulting companies from across the nation and the world to help build and facilitate partnerships and integrations that our nonprofit clients rely on.

We are seeing the interest in matching gifts stay consistent and continue to bring new nonprofits onboard to 360MatchPro. As a result, we’re expanding our Partnerships team with new Partnership Success Specialists to start on August 16th, 2021 when multiple recent college graduates and individuals early in their careers will be joining the company.

Do you have a deep passion and commitment to doing work that is genuinely meaningful? Come work for the leader in matching gift software and start making a difference at a company where your results matter!

About Us:

Double the Donation was founded in 2011 and specializes in cloud-based software focused exclusively on the needs of nonprofit organizations. Thousands of nonprofit organizations and educational institutions use our fundraising software to increase revenue through corporate matching gift and employee volunteer grant programs. As a growing company, every employee plays a huge part in our success!

The Position:

This is the perfect role for someone who has recently graduated or is early in their career. We’re looking to hire candidates who have 0-3 years experience, an interest in the nonprofit sector, and a desire to build and maintain relationships with a wide variety of people and companies.

You’ll be in daily contact with leading nonprofit technology and consulting companies from across the nation and the world. On any given day, you could speak with the CEO of a fast-paced philanthropic startup, a senior developer from the largest social good technology firm in the world, and the marketing content coordinator from a social fundraising platform processing billions of dollars in donations every year — all before lunch!

As a Partnership Success Specialist, your responsibility is to assist in the building and maintenance of the most important relationships our nonprofit clients rely on to keep their technology solutions up and running.

The ideal candidate is excited to represent themselves and Double the Donation to external parties, whether that means presenting a product demo to a team of engineers or coordinating a webinar with an invitee list in the tens of thousands. The best candidates are fantastic written and verbal communicators, quick learners, and skilled researchers.

In this role, you will:

  • Spend large portions of your day talking to people in a wide range of positions at nonprofit technology companies
  • Coordinate technical, marketing, and commercial conversations and produce supporting materials
  • Prioritize a large amount of possible daily tasks down to a list of essential tasks
  • Represent yourself and the company over the phone, in emails, and sometimes in person
  • Negotiate contracts and close deals

As a small growing business, there are a few traits unique to our business that individuals should consider before applying.

  • You must love the idea of giving back to the community and nonprofits. There are thousands of jobs. If being involved in the success of nonprofits is something you’re truly passionate about, this could be a great role.
  • You must be extremely comfortable with change. As a small growing company, decisions can be made over a weekend and fully implemented by early the next week. Whether that’s new systems, new processes, or new approaches, we look for individuals who can adapt and thrive.
  • You must believe that the best contributors should get better rewards. As a company, we believe in paying people based on the value they generate at the business. We have situations where two people doing the same work can have 10x times difference in their impact, and in their rewards. For example, there have been situations where one person received a compensation increase of $1,000, and another working in the same area received $10,000. This isn’t the norm, but the range of rewards at almost any level can easily vary by 100% to 300%, and even then there is plenty of room for outliers. It’s a natural result of having greater impact, and a compensation system that recognizes that impact.
  • You must be willing to disagree and commit. As a growing business, there will be lots of decisions that get made and changes that occur during your time at the company. Some of which you’ll agree with and some you won’t, we strongly believe that the best team members have the ability to disagree and commit (i.e., going with a decision after it has been made regardless of whether or not you agree).
  • You must believe the status quo is unacceptable. As a growing company and as individuals, we believe the status quo is unacceptable. Everyone should be relentless in striving to be the best version of themselves and figure out ways to create more value at the company and grow professionally. The question should always be “How can I be better” rather than “How can expectations be adjusted”.

The Location:

Double the Donation is located in Atlanta on the Beltline near Krog Street Market with all of our team members located in the metro area. We’re currently re-opening our office this summer with team members expected to work in-office some days and remotely other days.

Why Should You Apply?

  • To truly make a difference by supporting nonprofits
  • Join a vibrant, high-energy, collaborative environment with a fun and casual culture




Who we’re looking for:

  • A recent college graduate (Communications and related fields, Business and related fields, Nonprofit Management, and Public Administration degrees highly desirable) or individual looking for an entry level position
  • Strong academic performance with an overall 3.8 GPA minimum

We also need you to:

  • Be able to work independently and have a proven ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Have excellent written & verbal communication skills
  • Have a demonstrated ability to quickly learn new things and think on your feet
  • Have the ability to work through obstacles and challenges
  • Be highly organized with strong time management skills
  • Be results driven and goal-oriented
  • Have experience using a CRM



What Do We Offer?

Financial compensation includes four components:

  • Base salary: $45,000.00 per year
  • One-time additional $1,000 payment on your 1st paycheck, dependent upon a start date. If you don’t stay with the company for 1 full year, you’ll need to repay this in full.
  • Monthly stipend of $100 for health insurance if you choose not to enroll in the company’s healthcare plan.
  • Eligible for bonus based on client and/or company performance. Your bonus range is $0 – $16,000 per 12-month year with a target of $8,000. If you join in the middle of the company's performance period, this is prorated in your first year. Company bonuses have two-year pay-out periods.

    • 25% of the Bonus earned will be paid out in the 2nd pay period of Aug., 2022
    • 75% of the Bonus earned will be paid out in the 2nd pay period of Aug., 2023
  • You will accrue 20 vacation days and 5 sick days off annually plus 7 company holidays.
  • You will accrue 10 life leave days per year. These days may be used during the year, rolled over into next year, or redeemed for their cash value 1x per year.

Other benefits:

  • Healthcare benefits (Medical and Vision)
  • 401k with a 4% company match that vests over time
  • Matching gift program (1:1 match)
  • Volunteer grant program
  • Fundraising sponsorship for run / walk / rides
  • Weekly team building or learn & learn events

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