Foster Youth Initiative AmeriCorps Compliance Support

North Highlands, California
Jun 08, 2021
Jul 08, 2021
Focus Areas
Human Services
Position Type
Full Time
Experience Level

Program Overview The Foster Youth Initiative is an AmeriCorps program of the Child Abuse Prevention Center (CAP Center) with the goal to ensure that foster youth are prepared for adulthood through one-on-one mentoring relationship between an AmeriCorps member and a youth with lived experience. The California Foster Youth Initiative program utilizes AmeriCorps members as Youth Mentors and Volunteer Coordinators to assist foster youth in achieving academic success and developing life skills necessary for successful transition to adulthood.

AmeriCorps members provide mentoring, life skills support, academic assistance, financial literacy lessons, workshops and activities to support foster youth outcomes.

Position Summary: The Foster Youth Initiative (FYI) AmeriCorps Compliance Support is responsible for providing administrative, technical and clerical assistance to assigned Child Abuse Prevention Center (CAPC) AmeriCorps programs. Provides information to AmeriCorps members, supervisors, and managers regarding issues including, but not limited to, AmeriCorps policies and procedures, healthcare, childcare, enrollment, member hours, and education awards. AmeriCorps Compliance Support creates, monitors, and/or maintains AmeriCorps member files, timesheets, benefits and data collection systems in accordance with AmeriCorps provisions.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. (90%) Foster Youth Initiative (FYI) AmeriCorps compliance support ensures compliance with AmeriCorps rules and regulations:

Pre-Enrollment & Fingerprinting

  • Develop, produce and distribute FYI AmeriCorps enrollment and Pre-Enrollment packets to AmeriCorps site supervisors.
  • Maintain and track FYI Enrollment Notification Forms; ensure that all information on Enrollment Notification forms is received prior to enrollment workshops.
  • Develop and distribute FYI AmeriCorps member fingerprint-related correspondence, member agreements and living allowance/payroll forms in a timely manner.
  • Provide technical assistance to AmeriCorps applicants, AmeriCorps site supervisors and FYI Project Manager on the AmeriCorps  enrollment process.
  • Notify FYI AmeriCorps Project Manager, and Human Resources Generalist of Subsequent Arrests in a timely manner.
  • Receive and maintain FYI AmeriCorps member fingerprint clearance records from Department of Justice, True Screen, and Fieldprint for applicants/members.
  • Respond to follow-up request regarding criminal background clearance as requested by AmeriCorps site supervisors and FYI Project Manager.

Enrollment, Terminations, Leaves, Suspensions

  • Verify eligibility (i.e., citizenship, National Service Criminal History Check, etc.) of FYI AmeriCorps applicants prior to the beginning of enrollment workshops.
  • Conduct FYI AmeriCorps member enrollment workshops weekly or more frequently as necessary, in- person and/or virtually.
  • Provide AmeriCorps members with childcare packets and educate AmeriCorps members through a detailed orientation of childcare benefits, including, but not limited to, guidelines for eligibility and application review as necessary.
  • Provide AmeriCorps members with healthcare packets and review healthcare benefits with members during enrollment workshops.
  • Provide input, assist in the production of, and distribute AmeriCorps Supervisor Manuals and Member Handbooks to FYI members and partners.
  • Audit FYI member files to ensure compliance with AmeriCorps grant requirements.
  • Review living allowance/payroll forms for accuracy and route to FYI Project Manager for certification.
  • Review FYI member contracts for accuracy and route to FYI Project Manager for certification.
  • Lead follow-up efforts for obtaining missing documentation and communication findings with FYI AmeriCorps Project Manager.
  • Notify members of completion of service hours and issue exit paperwork.
  • Terminate childcare and healthcare benefits, as appropriate.

Benefits Administration

  • Educate AmeriCorps members through an orientation of childcare, healthcare, loan forbearance, and education award benefits including, but not limited to, guidelines for eligibility and application review.
  • Provide technical assistance to members to ensure childcare benefit application is complete and routed to AmeriCorps health care providers in a timely manner.
  • Serve as liaison between FYI AmeriCorps members, childcare/healthcare providers and AmeriCorps in order to respond to inquires, benefit eligibility, and resolve payment issues.
  • Obtain required benefits documentation including, but not limited to, birth certificates and childcare provider licenses in order to process childcare applications as needed.
  • Distribute healthcare benefit information to participating members.
  • Provide technical assistance on requesting loan forbearance through the MY AmeriCorps platform.

Timesheet & Member Hours

  • Create online timekeeping accounts for FYI AmeriCorps Members and FYI AmeriCorps site supervisors.
  • Provide technical assistance to FYI AmeriCorps Members and FYI AmeriCorps site supervisors regarding use of online timekeeping system.
  • Monitor timesheet/member hours to determine if an AmeriCorps member is on track to successfully complete their minimum number of hours by the end of term date. Verify accuracy of AmeriCorps timesheets and request corrections when needed.
  • Create monthly report of member hours and route to FYI AmeriCorps supervisors.

AmeriCorps Member Files

  • Create and maintain AmeriCorps member files for the FYI AmeriCorps program.
  • Verify the completion of all required paperwork.
  • Follow-up with members and their supervisors regarding missing documentation.
  • Prepare files for annual California Volunteers desk review and agency audit.
  • Respond to FYI AmeriCorps member request for paperwork.
  • Participate in the internal audit process of member files.

AmeriCorps Database and eGrants

  • Enter into eGrants member data in a timely manner.
  • Accurately enter, and/or approve enrollment, terminations, suspensions, reinstatements of FYI AmeriCorps members in a timely manner
  • Accurately enter data into AmeriCorps database in a timely manner
  • Enroll and Exit members in eGrants database within the required timeframes of 8-day enrollment and 30-day exit AmeriCorps deadlines.
  • Extract data through queries or reports from AmeriCorps database, as needed.

Member Performance Reviews

  • Track and monitor member performance review evaluation dates for FYI AmeriCorps members and follow-through with supervisors of members who are not in compliance.
  • Review member performance reviews to ensure completion and member signature.
  • Provide quarterly report of member evaluations due and distribute evaluations to FYI Project Managers.
  • Collect and file performance reviews for AmeriCorps compliance.

Member Satisfaction Surveys

  • Design layout and content of member satisfaction survey for FYI and AmeriCorps members and supervisors from other CAP Center AmeriCorps programs.
  • Seek feedback on survey content from other CAP Center AmeriCorps staff and Project Managers and revise survey as necessary.
  • Administer survey to FYI members.
  • Compile and share data with FYI AmeriCorps Project Manager to assess quality of of AmeriCorps program.
  • Work collaboratively with other CAP Center staff and Project Managers to develop strategies to improve CAP Center AmeriCorps program and member satisfaction.

Member Orientation

  • Schedule, prepare and clean conference room for in-person orientation or prepare Zoom call for virtual orientation.
  • Prior to orientation, ensure members have received necessary orientation materials and program manuals either in hard copy or soft copies via email.
  • Maintain RSVP list of attending members.
  • Provide assistance and support to members in order to ensure that required orientation documents are completed and required documentation is received in a timely manner.
  • Follow-up with FYI member supervisors regarding missing documentation.
  • Present AmeriCorps information at orientation including, but not limited to, healthcare, childcare, living allowance stipends, safety, mileage, and required documentation.

Annual Partner Conference

  • Work collaboratively with other CAP Center AmeriCorps project staff on the planning and convening of the Annual AmeriCorps Partner Conference.
  • Set up and prepare room for conferences for in-person convenings and arrange for virtual meetings as needed.
  • Create and revise AmeriCorps forms, as necessary.
  • Create information binders for conference participants.
  • Present AmeriCorps program components as necessary.

2.(5%) Internal and External Collaboration

  • Work collaboratively and maintain positive working relationships with CAP Center’s Program and AmeriCorps Team activities, work groups, and other areas of shared work, including actively participating in meetings.
  • Work collaboratively and maintain positive working relationships with CAP Center AmeriCorps partners and members, California Volunteers, and other funders and collaborative partners to ensure successful achievement of grant deliverables.
  • Work collaboratively and maintain positive working relationships with other CAP Center Teams, including but not limited to: other AmeriCorps programs, Birth&Beyond, Child Death Review and Fetal Infant Mortality Review, Strategies TA, Cal OES, CFRA, CAP Center trainers, Fiscal, and all other CAP Center staff, providing support as needed.
  • Attend coalitions, conferences, and networking events to build relationships with subject-matter experts, family support/strengthening agencies, and community-based organizations who may strengthen local and state-wide social service networks.
  • Attend and actively participate in partner meetings and committees by providing knowledge and expertise as necessary.
  • Develop and maintain positive working relationships with child abuse prevention and family support/strengthening agencies statewide and locally.
  • As requested, participate in meetings, convening’s, and networking events to promote positive relationships with social service agencies and community-based organizations.

3.(5%) Other Duties

  • In conjunction with the FYI Project Manager, participate in site visits when needed.
  • Work with FYI Project Manager in tracking member training, as requested.
  • Respond to member and supervisor questions including, but not limited to, leave of absences, terminations, suspensions, hours served, benefits, loan forbearance, orientation scheduling, childcare, healthcare, education awards and AmeriCorps program policies and procedures.
  • Assist with AmeriCorps policy and procedure development including, but not limited to, providing input for revisions of the AmeriCorps Member and Supervisor Program Manuals.
  • Assist with special projects including, but not limited to, grant proposals, reports, and press releases.
  • Acquire and enhance knowledge of existing, new, and emerging trends through research, conferences, and participation on committees, as appropriate.
  • Attend and participate in external and internal CAP Center meetings, committees, and events as needed.
  • Assist with special CAP Center projects including, but not limited to, grant proposals, program reports, press releases, assembly of documents, summits, regional gatherings and meetings and other in- person or virtual events.
  • Attend conferences and conduct outreach to promote the CAP Center programs.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in human/social services such as Social Work, Family Studies, Organizational and/or Community Development, Public Health, or related field from a four-year college or university preferred.
  • Two or more years of program and/or administrative support experience or the equivalent combination of related work experience and education in a related field required.
  • Experience with developing and maintaining partnerships with public/private community and collaborative partners preferred.
  • National service/AmeriCorps experience preferred.
  • Experience in non-profit, social services, or health programs preferred.
  • Knowledge of community resources and experience developing and maintaining partnerships with public/private community and collaborative partners.
  • Experience with and/or knowledge of the child abuse prevention field, social services cross-sector collaboration, collective impact, family strengthening, and/or the child welfare system preferred.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.