Director of Community Empowerment

Brown Hope
Portland, Oregon
$76,000 - $82,000
Jun 04, 2021
Jul 04, 2021
Position Type
Full Time
Experience Level

SUMMARY: The Director of Community Empowerment will be a visionary and effective leader who helps to achieve Brown Hope’s mission to create connection with Black, Brown, and Indigenous (2BI) leaders through the heart, mind, and voice to inspire our collective healing. Guided by our 12 Principles of Hope, our radical vision is to reverse and overcome historical trauma through four stages of healing, beginning with the individual and culminating in systems change. Our Director of Community Empowerment will be a hands-on leader to provide strategic vision and staff management to support two programs: Mutual Aid and
Black Resilience Fund. This position will be a member of Brown Hope’s leadership team, working with the Chief Executive Officer and Director of Programs to share responsibilities around operations, grants management, and program evaluation.


  • Oversee the quality and success of two Brown Hope programs: Mutual Aid and Black Resilience Fund. This includes: program operations and assigned staff supervision.
  • Monitor program budgets, create and execute timelines, oversee grant and contract compliance
  • Strengthen relationships with/for significant private and government grants and contracts.
  • Participate in recurring leadership meetings with the CEO and Director of Programs.
  • Provide collaborative leadership in resource development and grant management, while also promoting and maintaining solid community collaborations.
  • Assist with concepts for development and marketing, and continues to position Brown Hope as a thought leader around its defined mission and goals.


  • Actively supervise assigned staff, interns, and volunteers. Monitor activities, train, coach, mentor, and provide performance feedback as necessary.
  • Conduct recruiting and hiring activities as approved by the CEO, and in accordance with organization hiring procedures.
  • Foster a learning culture within the organization, to identify solutions to issues challenging program success, and inspire greater collective impact
  • Invest time and resources in training, development, support for, and succession of program staff to accomplish goals and to build team members capability and confidence.


  • Provide active leadership in management of grants received by the organization to ensure all grant proposals are realistic and grant agreements are fulfilled.
  • Work with leadership to develop and implement plans for strategic priorities, operational infrastructure, systems, processes, and personnel.
  • Perform research on grant opportunities and prepare memorandums for program and development staff.
  • Collaborate with Program Leadership on final grant reports, review activities to confirm all deliverables and expenditures are completed and accurately recorded.
  • Provide, on an as needed basis, peer to peer training on project life cycles, and grant administration procedures.
  • Review and recommend options for the improvement of grant administration procedures.


  • Provide the CEO with on-going reports on department goals progress and plans, on at least a monthly basis.
  • Other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the CEO.
  • Represent the organization at conferences and other public events; leading activities, speaking roles and trainings. Credibly represent Brown Hope and its community partners, both locally and nationally.
  • Collaborate with Director of Programs on program evaluation processes for Mutual Aid and Black Resilience Fund.


  • 4+ years of nonprofit program management experience
  • Understanding of Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities, including historic and contemporary
  • Ability to work in a high stress, fast paced environment and able to troubleshoot and switch priorities quickly
  •  A flexible problem solver, good at striking the balance between innovation and continuity, deliberation and action, independence and collaboration
  • Ability to work independently and with minimal direction, showing initiative, creativity, self-discipline, effective time and project management skills
  • Knowledge of trauma informed care models
  • Experience with program research and evaluation
  • Demonstrate a commitment to developing and executing informed strategies, with clear metrics and outcomes identified
  • Be a culturally competent leader: eager to learn, open to diversity, a good listener, and capable of working well with people from different backgrounds and identities
  • Significant experience in grant writing and management
  • Highly developed interpersonal skills, including excellent oral, written and listening communication
  • Excellent organizational, time management, and project management skills.
  • Excellent leadership skills. The ability to coach and mentor staff and effectively manage performance issues.
  • Ability to create, monitor, and adhere to a fiscally responsible budget.
  • Cooperative and collaborative team member. Ability to communicate in a professional and respectful manner with all clients, co-workers, stakeholders, community members, public officials, and other business partners.
  • Integrity, credibility, and passion for supporting the communities Brown Hope serves
  • Experienced and competent in online tools for remote team work, communication, and documentation (particularly G Suite, Zoom, Slack)