Youth Program Manager

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Atlanta, Georgia
Apr 19, 2021
May 19, 2021
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About the Position:

The Youth Program Manager position oversees a wide variety of recreational and educational activities, community partnerships, and ensures high quality programs are delivered daily. The Youth Program Manager is responsible for designing, organizing, implementing, and supervising the day-to-day program operations. The Manager will manage program material and activities for all participants. The Manager is also required to operate consistently within the program standards, mission, and guidelines as outlined by the Agape Youth and Family Center’s Policy Manual.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Program Management and Leadership

  • Supervise the day-to-day program operations at the implementation level whether in-person or virtual.
  • Serve as lead supervisor for after school and summer camp counselor staff.
  • Collaborate with Programs Leadership Team (Specialists, Child and Family Advocate, etc.) for a high-quality delivery of programming.
  • Support logistical planning of day-to-day operations.
  • Manage program schedule and communicating specifics to team members.
  • Manage program budget to ensure accurate tracking and reporting to Director of Programs.
  • Design enrichment activities for all age groups and provide scheduling oversight.
  • Organize staff to implement programming needs.
  • Identify capacities needed (skill sets and competencies) to achieve programmatic goals and work with senior staff to ensure those capacities are developed and/or acquired.
  • Liaise with other team members to ensure an effective and efficient program delivery.
  • Participate in yearly performance assessments of program staff, goal setting, and support professional development on an ongoing basis
  • Manage existing partnerships with quality collaboration and communication.
  • Onboard new partnerships and/or volunteers when needed.
  • Accountable for maintaining the organization and visual appearance of our program wing with the coordinated effort of the Programs Team.
  • Participate in partnership meetings as needed.

Staff Management and Culture

  • Organize staff to implement programming needs.
  • Ensure all staff members receive onboarding and appropriate training in accordance with organizational standards, as well as external partnerships offering relevant training opportunities.
  • Complete performance evaluations for program staff.
  • Supervise all program staff with real-time direction, input and feedback
  • Manage Coaching program for program staff.
  • Establish and maintain effective communication efforts within programs team.
  • Ensure clarity of chain of command for all staff.
  • Build personal rapport with each direct report and team member.
  • Foster collaborative opportunities and assess needs for improvement.
  • Establish a quality working relationship with assistant site manager to allow for a united strategy of leadership.
  • Inspire a healthy and energetic culture and preserve a high team morale.
  • Navigate challenges and implement conflict resolution.
  • Implement the human resources policies, procedures and practices of the organization.
  • Ensure proper incident reports and maintain upkeep of logging into Agape database.

Student Life and Parent Engagement

  • Establish a student culture that embody Agape pillars of character.
  • Coach staff members on motivating, mentoring, and building rapport with students.
  • Inspiring positive behavior and accountability on all levels.
  • Building a fun, energetic, disciplined and engaging culture throughout the program.
  • Address student discipline infractions and follow up with parents and relevant staff.
  • Communicate and follow up with disciplinary infractions and/or incidents.
  • Ensure proper logging and filing of reports.
  • Build lasting relationships with students and families.
  • Hold student body or parent meetings as needed.
  • Participate in quarterly parent meetings as needed.

Volunteer Management

  • Maintain a high-quality volunteer experience for community, corporate, and student volunteers.
  • Leverage volunteer relationships to build a deeper connection with Agape.
  • Conduct tours for prospective volunteers as needed.
  • Ensure food volunteers are taken care of and have a great experience.

Academic Support

  • Works with the afterschool team for the purpose of writing and delivering lesson plans that assist students with literacy, mathematics, and language arts.
  • Create a comfortable learning environment to enhance participants’ learning styles.
  • Ensure the visual appearance of rooms inspire a fun learning experience.
  • Manage the implementation of any supplemental academic programs (in-person or virtual).

Safe and Healthy Environment

  • Ensure the safety of all participants, prevent accidents through the enforcement of policies, rules, and regulations; administer first aid within trained ability; contact the appropriate medical authorities when necessary.
  • Enforce all COVID-19 safety protocol and response measures.
  • Implement appropriate classroom management techniques to maintain a cooperative and creative instructional environment.
  • Ensure the facility is ready for use before students arrive. This may include pre- and/or post clean up daily.
  • Create and maintain an environment that is safe, clean and student friendly.

Program Administration & Logistics

  • Ensure all program goals are reached.
  • Participate and attend weekly in staff and program meetings and monthly training sessions.
  • Carry out other tasks or duties that may not be outlined in the job description but are reasonable to ensuring a quality program.
  • Create and maintain a program calendar that includes scheduling partnerships and enrichment activities (STEAM, Health and Wellness, & SEL) into daily programming.
  • Manage transportation logistics and driving when needed.
  • Complete monthly reports as needed.
  • Perform quality assessments of various program areas.
  • Coordinate weekends and summer camp logistics for camps facilitated by lead programs team (calendar, partnerships, etc.).

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