Nonprofit Operations Specialist

Santa Barbara, California
Salary DOE. Range is $65k-75K. Benefits: Lunch/snacks provided, free workshop/retreat attendance.
Apr 06, 2021
May 06, 2021
Position Type
Full Time
Degree Level
Willingness to Travel
25 - 50%
Experience Level

Self Enquiry Life Fellowship, a Santa Barbara-based top-rated US nonprofit organization, is currently seeking a mature professional who is a spiritual aspirant and looking for a meaningful and spiritually rewarding on-site position of Nonprofit Operations Specialist. The Nonprofit was established to preserve and disseminate indigenous knowledge and spiritual philosophy from the ancient Sanskrit heritage of the Vedic tradition.

The Nonprofit’s head monk, His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda, is a Himalayan siddha and a living saint who offers spiritual guidance to sincere seekers through several forums including spiritual fellowships, meditation services, workshops and retreats. In addition to these services, Self Enquiry Life Fellowship is undertaking several projects related to the preservation of Sanskrit-based wisdom, Vedic fine arts and classical music. For more details, please visit and its related websites.

Employees become part of a core team and work alongside dedicated volunteers in a deeply spiritual environment. The team works under the guidance of His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda who primarily lives at his seminary residence. This position offers a unique opportunity to blossom spiritually and serve in an organization which values and promotes Himalayan meditation and higher yoga, personal spiritual empowerment and mindfulness. The Nonprofit offers careers to those who are looking for meaningful service-oriented employment and makes an extra effort to nurture staff who are seriously looking to inculcate a deep spiritual lifestyle.

The candidate must be flexible, open to learning and adapting to alternative office procedures, including the formality of protocols necessary when working with monastics. The candidate should be able to align and grow into this position seamlessly, by adapting to the fellowship culture and service-oriented mission of the Nonprofit. Therefore, mindful demeanor and mature communication skills with the community of meditators and devotees are essential.

The ideal candidate will blend spiritual sensitivity with strong administrative experience and technical expertise on various online platforms. The candidate should exhibit initiative and leadership in the areas of communication and fellowship coordination. Fluency in MS Office Suite and Excel are required. Basic knowledge of Salesforce CRM is a plus. The position requires a front-line point of contact who can hold communication streams proactively while taking initiative to follow through. The position will also require training/learning mass-engagement software tools and back-end platforms that support the Operations work in the area of digital communication and tracking follow ups.

Primary Responsibilities (overall summary and scope of duties that are not necessarily undertaken on a daily basis)

  • Office and facilities management, including managing vendors, contractors, digital service providers, office organization, supply stocking, ordering, shipping, and receiving, etc.
  • Manage and oversee the Nonprofit’s volunteer program, including managing the volunteer schedule and leading online planning meetings, volunteer initiatives, record keeping and time tracking
  • Serve as the frontline contact for devotees and the public by answering and responding to a wide array of telephone inquiries and emails in a professional and sensitive manner on behalf of the Nonprofit
  • Manage event registration, attendance, and outreach for online and in-person events
  • Manage event coordination and planning, including leading volunteers in venue research, travel arrangements, event logistics, rentals, expense analysis and tracking, packing and transportation of fellowship items, etc.
  • Integrate data from various online platforms used by the Nonprofit, both manually and using automation tools; transfer and import data into the Nonprofit’s CRM (Salesforce); utilize integrated data for creating outreach lists and other necessary reports and shortlists; suggest improvements to data integration workflow as needed
  • Manage contractor and vendor accounts and facilitate paying bills; liaise with landlord for repairs and improvements as needed; source competitive estimates and prepare actionable proposals
  • Maintain the monastics’ schedule of appointments; manage phone, online, and in-person appointments for devotees, volunteers and spiritual seekers who seek blessings from our resident Himalayan monk
  • Administer and manage the Nonprofit’s publication sales via Shopify, including order fulfillment and shipping
  • Maintain and manage the Nonprofit’s publication inventory
  • Maintain detailed records tracking packages and shipments; sort, review and direct incoming mail and prepare outbound mail
  • Coordinate travel to the headquarters on behalf of devotees, volunteers, Directors, Officers, Contractors, Donors, etc. including making flight, hotel, and rental car arrangements for visiting guests, coordinating transportation to and from airports, and acting as the primary contact person for out-of-town guests
  • Maintain communication with and coordinate the efforts of the various City/Area Centres of the Nonprofit by building relationships with the Volunteer Coordinators and Core Volunteers of the various City/Area Centres through conference calls, email communication and meetings
  • Coordinate the digital migration and proper filing and organization of the various documents of the Nonprofit, including for Volunteers and Area Centre leaders

Secondary Responsibilities (duties that need assisting or comanaging with other staff on a weekly or monthly basis)

  • Assist with maintenance and administration of the Nonprofit’s CRM (Salesforce)
  • Collaborate on special projects, perform research, write reports, develop relationships, and represent the Nonprofit
  • Assist with the implementation of Nonprofit policies and ensure proper filing
  • Assist accounting branch with federal and state compliance filings

Qualification Requirements & Preferences

  • experience in an office, preferably a nonprofit organization, is required
  • Bachelor’s degree and/or professional work experience strongly recommended
  • Proficient in MS Office products specifically Excel; Proficiency with online tools is required
  • Willingness to learn new software platforms, such as Salesforce, Constant Contact, Eventbrite, Slack, Uscreen, Track It Forward, Thinkific, Google Suite, VoIP
  • Must be seeking a deeply spiritual environment for inner growth and be spiritually aligned
  • Event planning and coordination skills
  • Must be a professional, cooperative team player and a proven self-starter
  • Excellent organizational skills and detail-oriented
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Exemplary interpersonal and leadership skills; able to work with and inspire volunteers
  • Courteous communication skills; positive & spiritual demeanor
  • Experience with Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack (other other CRM) is preferrable
  • Must be comfortable with public speaking
  • Must have own vehicle and automobile insurance
  • Must be a US citizen or a US Permanent Resident
  • Must uphold honor code in managing work hours and workflow
  • Must be seeking a deeply spiritual environment for inner growth


Lunch and snacks on workdays; free attendance at retreats and workshops of the Nonprofit; on-the-job training & external courses. Exempt full-time salary will depend upon qualification and professional experience.

Submit: A Curriculum Vitae (or a résumé detailing education, professional work experience and technical skills), a cover letter explaining the motivation to serve with a spiritual organization clearly specifying spiritual intent or serious interest in alignment with contemplative living, and a list of references to


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