Full Year Internship at Community for People with Special Needs

Great Barrington, Massachusetts
$500 per month, plus $3,000 stipend upon completion of year long internship
Mar 30, 2021
Apr 29, 2021
Position Type

About Our Organization

High Spirit Community Farm is a non-profit organization that offers supported residences as well as day programming for people with intellectual disabilities. We own and operate three residential homes on a five-acre farm in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

We believe that people of all abilities deserve to live fulfilling lives and to work toward reaching their highest potential. By creating a supportive and inclusive community, our goal is to empower our residents to pursue their interests, form relationships in the larger community, and experience a higher level of autonomy and independence than is possible in traditional care models.

Position Description

The position is for a live-in internship in one of our three houses, under the guidance of professional house managers. Each of the three residential homes at High Spirit Community Farm has two interns who reside in the home along with two or three individuals with intellectual disabilities as well as two house managers who provide training and support to incoming interns and who manage the day programming and household.

This offer is a yearlong position with stipend, food and housing included. Household work includes care of the disabled individuals as well as preparing and preserving our own food. Farm work involves gardening, compost work, and care of farm animals. Interns live in the home with the house managers, residents, and the other interns who come from around the U.S. and around the world.

We truly live as a community, sharing meals with one another and working side by side on the farm and in the home. We have developed the feel of a family in each individual home, and when the three homes come together to work on the farm or eat a meal, one can sense the tight knit support network that this community provides for our residents. It is an incredibly fulfilling lifestyle, but it does require positivity, empathy, and a sense of humor to make it work!


We welcome applications from those who can contribute to a supportive, family-like environment for our community members. The right people for this job should demonstrate the sensitivity, kindness, and openness that this position requires.


The position is a one-year position. Start date: March/April 2021


$500 per month with housing and food provided. Upon completion of the year, interns will also receive a $3,000 stipend.