Executive Director

Washington D.C.
Mar 29, 2021
Apr 10, 2021
Focus Areas
Associations / Union
Position Type
Full Time
Degree Level
Willingness to Travel
25 - 50%
Experience Level

The Executive Director is the Chief Executive Officer of the American Association of Settlement Consultants (AASC) and the American Association of Structured Settlement Consultants PAC (AASC PAC). The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors and is responsible for the organization's consistent achievement of its mission and financial objectives.

In program development and administration, the Executive Director will:

  1. Assure that the organization has a long-range strategy that achieves its mission and toward which it makes consistent and timely progress.
  2. Provide leadership in developing program, organizational and financial plans with the Board of Directors and staff and carry out plans and policies authorized by the board.
  3. Promote active and broad participation by volunteers in all areas of the organization's work.
  4. Maintain official records and documents, and ensure compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.
  5. Maintain a working knowledge of significant developments and trends in the field.
  6. Grow and maintain the membership of the AASC.
  7. Plan and lead the association’s annual and regional meetings.

In communications, the Executive Director will:

  1. See that the board is kept fully informed on the organization's condition and all-important factors influencing it.
  2. Publicize the activities of the organization, its programs, and goals.
  3. Establish sound working relationships and cooperative arrangements between the AASC’s Board of Directors, leadership, committees, membership (including partner sponsors), and lobbying firm.
  4. Represent the programs and point of view of the organization to AASC Membership, external organizations, and the public.

In staff relations, the Executive Director will:

  1. Be responsible for the recruitment, employment, and release of all personnel, both paid staff and volunteers.
  2. Ensure that job descriptions are developed, that regular performance evaluations are held, and that sound human resource practices are in place.
  3. See that an effective management team, with appropriate provision for succession, is in place.
  4. Encourage staff and volunteer development and education, and assist program staff in relating their specialized work to the total program of the organization.
  5. Maintain a climate that attracts, keeps, and motivates a diverse staff of top-quality people.

In budget and finance, the Executive Director will:

  1. Be responsible for developing and maintaining sound financial practices.
  2. Work with the staff, treasurer, accountant, and the board in preparing a budget; see that the organization operates within budget guidelines.
  3. Ensure that adequate funds are available to permit the organization to carry out its work.
  4. Jointly, with the president and secretary of the board of directors, conduct official correspondence of the organization, and jointly, with designated officers, execute legal documents and sign checks as needed.

Executive Director Requirements

  • Strong working knowledge of the legal settlement industry (plaintiff and defense), insurance industry, and financial services industry.
  • College degree required, business degree or Master of Business Administration or equivalent preferred.
  • Current/past association management preferred.
  • Financial management experience.
  • Highly organized.
  • Project management experience.
  • Highly ethical behavior.
  • Effective communicator: verbal and written.
  • Motivational skills.
  • In-depth knowledge of financial practices.
  • Public relations and marketing knowledge.
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to travel.
  • Living in the D.C. metropolitan area is preferred.


  • Competitive salary
  • Employer-paid health insurance
  • Employer-sponsored retirement plan

Eligible candidates will be required to complete a background check, credit check, and a conflict of interest disclosure.

To apply, please submit a cover letter, current resume and a minimum of three (3) professional references to info@americanasc.org. The deadline to apply is Thursday, April 15, 2021.