Nonprofit Board President

Before I list the expected duties of a Nonprofit President, I need to be clear.  We are in the beginning stages of starting the nonprofit.  I only desire individuals who truly resonate with the nonprofit. You HAVE to have the same level of passion And drive for healing Substance Abuse and Mental Illness! Holistic Healing should be something your familiar with and you’re ready to use your knowledge to apply to the organization and to HEAL others!
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• As the Board President, He/She is the head of the board and of the organization. 

• The president partners with the organization leadership to promote the company or nonprofit. 

• The president conducts board meetings and ensures that the board’s directives are implemented and monitored.

• The president calls and conducts meetings of the executive committee, which consists of board officers and the chief executive officer. 

• He/She also creates committees and appoints committee chairs. 

• The president collaborates with the chief executive officer, or CEO, to carry out the organization’s mission and ensures accomplishment of goals. 

• The president reviews reports and records, and directs members in their roles. 

• She/He is also instrumental in hiring and supervising the CEO.