Nonprofit Content Publishing Coordinator (Entry-level)

Atlanta, Georgia
40k per year + 1k signing bonus + Bonus Range (0-16k) + Other benefits in job description
Jan 20, 2021
Feb 18, 2021
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Full Time
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Despite the challenges caused by COVID-19, we are seeing the interest in digital marketing stay consistent and continue to bring new clients. As a result, we’re expanding our team with 2-3 Nonprofit Content Publishing Coordinators to start February or March. For individuals graduating this spring, the job would start around June.

About the Company

Nexus Marketing, founded in 2014, is a content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) agency dedicated to helping mission-driven businesses market their products, software and services to nonprofit organizations, schools, faith-based organizations, associations, and universities.

Our team is full of smart, hard-working, and kind individuals who find the intersection of nonprofits and digital marketing exciting! On the weekends, you’ll find us hiking in the mountains, playing dungeons and dragons with a group of friends, or getting immersed in a new book.

As a growing agency, every team member plays a huge role in our continued success and the happiness of our clients.

Company website:


Nexus Marketing is located in Atlanta with all of our team members located in the metro area. We’re currently working remotely but plan to re-open the office in Spring 2021.

About the Role

We're looking to hire immediately 2-3 team members based or relocating to Atlanta to join our team as Nonprofit Content Publishing Coordinators.

This is a perfect role for someone who has recently graduated or is early in their career. We’re looking to hire candidates who have 0-3 years experience, an interest in the nonprofit sector, an interest in digital marketing / public relations (PR), and a love of connecting people and businesses.

You’ll be responsible for one of our most important assets as an agency, our network of nonprofit-focused publishers which is made of bloggers, publications, and other businesses.

Your role will be focused on maintaining / growing this network of nonprofit-focused publishers, finding opportunities to get our client’s published across our network, and pitching / following up on those publishing opportunities to make sure they go live.

The typical day in this role could involve jumping on the phone with a fundraising blogger in the morning to recruit them as a new partner, following up on half a dozen blog posts that we’ve already sent out on our clients behalf to make sure they’re getting published before GivingTuesday, and then planning out a content calendar, on our client’s behalf, with a leading publication in the nonprofit sector!

Perfect candidates for this role will frighten those around them with their personal organization and attention to detail, get energized through interacting with people / businesses over Zoom / Phone / Email, and have no fear of following up to get what they need done on behalf of a client.

The difference between clients / partners can be slightly confusing and sometimes they can overlap! Examples for reference below:

  • Clients: Crowdfunding software, Online donation software, Nonprofit fundraising consultants.
  • Partners: Nonprofit associations, Fundraising trade magazines, Fundraising bloggers.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Representing Nexus Marketing to our publishing partners.
  • Jumping on the phone or corresponding via email with nonprofit publishing partners to identify, execute on, or follow up on mutually beneficial marketing opportunities for Nexus clients.
  • Recruiting new publishing partners or increasing their relationship with Nexus Marketing.
  • Pitching topic ideas to partners that highlight our client’s thought leadership on a given topic.
  • Keeping tabs on dozens of publishing opportunities on our client’s behalf across multiple partners.
  • Following up on publishing opportunities via phone, email, or other channels to make sure that our agreed upon blog posts between our clients and partners stay on schedule.
  • Learning quickly about our clients and what they do so you can determine which types of Nexus partners we should try to pursue opportunities with.
  • Coordination with internal teams to make sure that our client’s needs are being met.
  • On a monthly basis, identify onsite technical SEO errors on our client’s websites, fixing them where appropriate or elevating them to the client in other cases.
  • On an ongoing basis, using SEO tools such as Moz or Google Webmaster Tools to identify new publishing opportunities for clients with our existing partners or new potential publishing partners.

What makes you a good fit (Qualifications):

  • A recent college graduate (Majors that could be a good fit include Communications, Business, Public Relations, Journalism, English, Nonprofit Management, or Public Administration).
  • Strong academic performance with an overall 3.8 GPA minimum.
  • Have excellent written & verbal communication skills.
  • Great presentation skills.
  • Have a demonstrated ability to quickly learn new things and think on your feet.
  • Have the ability to work through obstacles and challenges.
  • The ability to work independently with minimal supervision, top-notch time management skills, and the ability to prioritize work. 
  • A proven professional track record (preferably in an office setting).
  • Excellent computer skills and an aptitude for learning how to use new software and programs.
  • Comfortable managing a high volume of emails, publishing relationships, and tasks.

Core Values

  • You love the idea of giving back to the community and nonprofits. Since we work with mission-driven companies our business is focused on helping nonprofits succeed. 
  • You must be extremely comfortable with change. As a small growing company, decisions can be made over a weekend and fully implemented by early the next week. Whether that's new systems, new processes, or new approaches, we look for individuals who can adapt and thrive. 
  • You must believe that the best contributors should get better rewards. As a company, we believe in paying people based on the value they generate at the business. 
  • You must be willing to disagree and commit. As a growing business, there will be lots of decisions that get made and changes that occur during your time at the company. Some of which you'll agree with and some you won't, we strongly believe that the best team members have the ability to disagree and commit (i.e., going with a decision after it has been made regardless of whether or not you agree).
  • You must believe the status quo is unacceptable. As a growing company and as individuals, we believe the status quo is unacceptable. Everyone should be relentless in striving to be the best version of themselves and figure out ways to create more value at the company and grow professionally.

Financial compensation includes:

  • Base salary of $40,000 per year.
  • One-time additional $1,000 payment on your 1st paycheck, dependent upon a start date. If you don’t stay with the company for 2 full years, you’ll need to repay this in full. 
  • Monthly stipend of $100 for health insurance if you choose not to enroll in the company’s healthcare plan.
  • Eligible for bonus based on client and/or company performance. Your bonus range is $0 - $16,000 per year with a target of $8,000.
    • 25% of the Bonus will be paid out in the 2nd pay period of Aug., 2021 (target $2,000)
    • 75% of the Bonus will be paid out in the 2nd pay period of Aug., 2022 (target $6,000)

Paid time off:

  • You will accrue 20 vacation days and 5 sick days off annually plus 7 company holidays. 
  • You will accrue 10 life leave days per year. These days may be used during the year, rolled over into next year, or redeemed for their cash value 1x per year.

Other benefits:

  • Healthcare benefits (Medical and Vision)
  • Long term disability
  • 401k with a 4% company match
  • Matching gift program (1:1 match)
  • Individual / Group volunteer grant program
  • Fundraising sponsorship for run / walk / rides
  • Grants for serving on nonprofit boards
  • Weekly team building or lunch & learn events


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