Bilingual / Spanish Assistant to the Front Office Manager

Marietta, Georgia
Dec 30, 2020
Jan 29, 2021
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Bilingual / Spanish Assistant to the Front Office Manager

COMPANY OVERVIEW: Good Samaritan Health Center of Cobb, a 501(c)3 non-profit Federally Qualified Health Center, opened its doors in 2006 with a mission “to spread the love of Christ by providing quality healthcare to those in need.” The Center was co-founded by Reverend Grant Cole, pastor of Connection Point Church and Dr. Jack Kennedy, Director of Cobb & Douglas Public Health after recognizing that medical bills and unexpected dental emergencies were the root cause of financial hardship, family instability, and diminishing quality of life in the community.

SUMMARY OF DUTIES: Responsible for overseeing the front office daily flow and to assist with the office duties as follows:

  • Overseeing Medical Dental and Mental Health Patient/Customer Care
  • Overseeing third party billing company
  • Billing
  • Customer care
  • Acts as the second in command for operations and decision making in the absence of Front Office Manager

Ability to multitask with excellence in order to provides information to patients so they may fully utilize and benefit from clinic services while he or she conveys a positive image of the clinic.

SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Reports to Front Office Manager, however also takes directions from professional and medical staff to include Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Pharmacy Director, or Physicians Assistants.

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES:Ability to fulfill the clinic’s mission to spread the love of Christ through quality healthcare to those in need while performing their job functions.

The following is a summary of the main responsibilities:

1. Assist with Daily Operations

  • Ensuring that the daily flow runs properly

♦ EMR (Practice Partner and Dentrix)
♦ Oversee EMR updates
♦ Phone system
♦ Facility is functional for daily operations. Resolve or report any issues.

  • Fulfills organizational responsibilities as assigned which may include: respecting / promoting patient rights, sharing problems relating to patients and / or staff with immediate supervisors quickly.
  • IT troubleshooting in conjunction with our IT contractors

♦ Computer/printer troubleshooting
♦ Overseeing systems patches
♦ Schedule system upgrades
♦ Other IT tasks as assisted

  • Project Management

2. Acts as a Front office Lead

  • Answers questions from level entry positions
  • Front office staff is trained properly
  • Works closely with front office manager to plan for different departmental meeting

♦ Observe and develop new logistics to improve efficiency and quality.

  • Draft front office meeting agenda.
  • Oversees the compliance and maximizes the providers schedules.
  • Quality.

♦ Sends out correspondence for patients who are missing their follow ups or need their annual checks.
♦ Plans and manages time and quantity for New Patient Registration.
♦ Conducts internal quarterly audits for scheduling, billing, proof of income verifications, and procedure adherence.
♦ Contributes to run reports as needed for quality.
♦ Works on the resolution of the quality meeting items.

  • Oversees the efficiency of the office.
  • Keeps the office on track to achieve the number of unduplicated patients.
  • Oversees the providers vacation times and plans for coverage along side the clinical manager.
  • Maximizes providers’ schedules.
  • Manage Front Office Volunteers.
  • Set up working station.
  • Train.
  • Oversee the quality of their work.
  • Provide feedback.
  • Promote their professional and personal development.

3. Billing

  • Oversees third party billing company.

♦ Categorizes claims per payer.
♦ Keeps record of the claims sent.
♦ Revises rejected claims.

  • Reviews and gives feedback to billing company.
  • Credential providers with multiple health insurance providers.
  • Oversees accounts receivable.
  • Conducts monthly patients accounts maintenance regarding financial adjustments and balances bad debt reports, adjusting patients ledger in Practice Partner and Dentrix.
  • Meets with patients to set payment plans for patients with over $200 ledger balance and keeps a record of these patients’ accounts.
  • Sends out quarterly patients statements and keeps a record of those accounts’ balance.
  • Acts as a Financial Counselor.

♦ Process and tracks Financial Community Applications with our partners in the community.
♦ Runs monthly reports to identify the accounts above $200 in order to help patients maintain a balance below $200.
♦ Manages debt forgiveness in order for patients to afford their healthcare.

4. Customer Care

  • Compassionate
  • Conflict Resolution

♦ Meet with patients to address their concerns and find a satisfactory resolution

  • Conflict escalation skills

5. Leadership Role

  • Leads by examples
  • Sharp critical thinking
  • Fast learner
  • Assertive and consistent
  • Helps front office manager to implement new systems, procedures, protocols as necessary.
  • Fills in and supports the team by taking different roles as necessary (covering vacation, medical absences in different areas like screening, check-in/out window, etc.)

6. Other duties as assigned, for example, but not limited to:

  • Covers other positions as needed
  • Interpreting
  • Organize events; For example, flu shots event.
  • Functions as Treatment Care Coordinator for the dental clinic as needed.


  • Skill in performing assistance tasks appropriately.
  • Skill in diplomacy and tact in interpersonal interactions.
  • Skill in understanding of patient education needs by effectively sharing information with patients and families from diverse backgrounds.
  • Skill to self manage


  • Ability to enjoy challenges
  • Ability to thrive under stressful situations and act objectively under stress
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • Ability to use critical thinking and logic to figure out the best course of action given the unexpected circumstances.
  • Ability to multitask under stress and constant interruptions
  • Ability to learn quickly and retain information
  • Ability to project a pleasant and professional image.
  • Ability to plan, prioritize and complete delegated tasks.
  • Ability to improvise and take accurate decisions with limited information.
  • Ability to demonstrate compassion and caring in dealing with others in a way that supports the Center’s mission to share the love of Christ through quality healthcare to those in need.

The job holder must demonstrate current competencies applicable to job position.

REQUIREMENTS: Maintains CPR certification. Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 1 year experience in the healthcare field is preferred, but not mandatory. .


  • Knowledge of health care field and medical specialty.
  • Knowledge of critical thinking techniques
  • Knowledge of information that must be conveyed to patients and families of diverse backgrounds.
  • Knowledge of record procedures and protocols.
  • Knowledge of computer systems
  • Knowledge of technology

ENVIRONMENTAL / WORKING CONDITIONS: Combination of medical office and exam / procedure room setting which is a well-lighted, well-ventilated, adequate space.


  • Must be able to use appropriate body mechanics techniques when making necessary patient transfers and helping patients with walking, dressing, etc. Must be able to lift up to 40 pounds.
  • Hearing / Speaking: Effective communications with patients, staff and visitors.
  • Standing: 20% of the workday
  • Sitting: 50% of the workday
  • Walking: 20% of the workday
  • Lifting: 10% of the workday

This description is intended to provide only basic guidelines for meeting job requirements. Responsibilities, knowledge, skills, abilities and working conditions may change as needs evolve.