Executive Director

Bitch Media
Portland, Oregon or REMOTE
$80,000-$85,000 annually
Dec 28, 2020
Jan 16, 2021
Position Type
Full Time
Experience Level

Bitch Media is a 501(c)(3) feminist nonprofit media organization on a mission to provide and encourage an engaged, thoughtful feminist response to mainstream media and popular culture.

As we enter 2021, Bitch Media is searching for an Executive Director to lead us into the future.

Founded in 1996, Bitch has grown from an award-winning magazine to a go-to feminist voice in the digital age. Bitch Media is in print with ​Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture​, online at ​bitchmedia.org​, on the air with our podcasts, Popaganda and Backtalk, on campuses around the world via Bitch on Campus, and is amplifying emerging voices through our quarterly Bitch Media Writing Fellowships.

Bitch is more than a media outlet—we’re a world-changing, movement-making, uncompromising, and diverse community.​ Currently, the majority of our staff are people of color, as well as women or non-cisgender-male identifying. The vast majority of contributors are women-identified, and about half of all our contributors in 2019 were people of color. By creating opportunities for women and people of color to gain vital experiences in media, we strive for a more diverse future for American journalism.

We produce media that transforms pop culture through the collective strength of our reader-driven community. ​We strive to be a fresh, revitalizing voice in contemporary feminism, one that welcomes complex arguments and refuses to ignore the contradictory and often uncomfortable realities of life in an unequivocally gendered world. ​Bitch Media has a broad reach, with a community of readers, listeners, and writers from around the globe. ​

We’re community-funded because we believe that there’s no for-profit way to make truly independent, intersectional feminist media.

As we look for our next Executive Director, we will be relying on our values and guiding principles to find a candidate that can grow with us, empower our community and represent our voices.


Abundance:  We have everything we need to do our work. We approach the future in a spirit of abundance that appreciates all resources, tangible and

Community:  We share the commitment to a feminist future with our community. We are actively building with each other: staff, contributors, members,

Care First:  We don’t just disrupt; we heal. We help people connect to their deeper selves, to be inspired and empowered without being exploited. We

Culture:  We are curators of pop culture feminism and archivists of feminist art and history. We create, analyze, mobilize, and transform through an


Authenticity:  We tell the truth. We affirm our communities’ truths. We treat our writers, readers, artists, creatives, staff, volunteers, donors, and partners as real people with valid, vital lived experiences. Bitch Media is a space where many truths can exist at once and where you can expect integrity, honesty, and conversation-shifting critical thought.

Intersectionality:  We acknowledge and make space for historical, political, and cultural oppressions across identities, actively de-centering dominant narratives, and inviting our community to be a place where we can all show up as our whole selves.

Inclusivity:  In every aspect of our work, internally and externally, centering underrepresented voices is an active part of leadership decisions and decision-making processes. Beyond just embracing diversity, we actively challenge the potential limits of the nonprofit industrial complex by practicing radical inclusivity, including accepting and actively working on being better every day.

Collective Power: When one of us rises, we all rise. We stand in solidarity with other feminist publications, other media outlets, with other nonprofit organizations, other activist movements. Bitch Media uses our cultural influence to raise and amplify the work of our peers and to build power through relationships. We help connect our readers and supporters to powerful movements and opportunities to take action that deepen our collective ability to reclaim our power.

Collaboration: We invite meaningful collaborative relationships both internally and externally. We work as a team that transforms hierarchies to achieve great results.
We will never sell out our feminist values for profit or comfort. Period.


Nothing in 2020 has been easy and moving forward into 2021 won’t be either.  Our ideal candidate will:

  • Understand nonprofit operations, finance, fundraising in the media space.
  • Be able to dive deep into specific work areas and soar up to lead the board in a strong mission.
  • Understand that organizational structure matters and the work we do each day matters.  Personal responsibility, organizational responsibility and community responsibility all work together to make us successful.
  • Willing to utilize your business smarts to make Bitch Media as successful as it can be.

If this sounds like an organization you can get behind with your skills, talents and attitude, check out our job posting, reach out for a conversation and prepare your application materials for our staff and board to review.

Full job description, salary information and application details available at: wvdo-or.hiringthing.com/job/228246/executive-director-b-tch-media

Application deadline: January 16, 2021