Director of the Wellbeing Blueprint

Organization Overview


The United States should be a country where everyone has a fair shot at wellbeing—the needs and experiences essential for health and hope. We don’t all have a fair shot because racism and oppression are baked into the systems and narratives of our country. More programs aren’t the solution — social change is. 



The Full Frame Initiative is a social change organization dedicated to a country where everyone has a fair shot at wellbeing. We galvanize government, community, nonprofit, business, arts and other leaders across the country, creating an unlikely alliance for change. Together, we are fundamentally transforming the structures and challenging the underlying assumptions that perpetuate poverty, violence and oppression in the United States. Founded in 2009, FFI is a dynamic, effective, and highly respected force for systemic transformation. We are bold, mission-focused, creative learners, deeply committed to the ongoing work of becoming an anti-racist organization. We use our passion, humor, and hope to fuel change. Please visit our website to learn more. 



About the Wellbeing Blueprint


The Wellbeing Blueprint is both a roadmap for systemic transformation and also a growing, unlikely alliance of institutions and change agents who are using this roadmap to move us all towards a country where everyone has a fair shot at wellbeing. The Blueprint is a direct response to the collision of the COVID crisis, the direct and indirect economic fallout, the racial reckoning sparked by George Floyd’s murder against a backdrop of Black and brown people dying at far higher rates from COVID, and the challenges and potential for transformation born of crisis. It is a project housed at and led by the Full Frame Initiative, yet its success to date and in the future relies on its being held and co-owned by a much broader community. 



Position Summary
The Director of the Wellbeing Blueprint will build on the initial momentum of the last nine months, expanding the reach, diversity and impact of people and institutions coming together to drive structural and narrative change. The Director is part galvanizer and cheerleader, part organizer and weaver, part navigator and strategist, part translator and evangelist. This requires relentless individual outreach and networking, community building among allies, and producing events for larger audiences as a door into the work. The Director will be responsible for improving systems, processes, and outcomes; building and sustaining momentum across a broad scope of people, communities, and commitments; and building dedication and accountability to furthering the Wellbeing Blueprint principles. 



Position Details, Compensation and Benefits
Classification: Full-time, Exempt, 40+ hours per week


Location: Fully Remote (able to operate +/- 3 hours of Eastern Standard Time Zone)
Pay: $120,000 - 150,000 annually
Travel: We do not anticipate any travel in 2021 due to COVID; beyond this, travel could be up to 30%. 


Reports to: Chief of National Engagement & Partnerships
Supervisees: No current direct report employees, but may hire in the future as work expands; will source and supervise contractors and interns; will work closely with leadership and managers throughout the organization.




  • National healthcare coverage, 75% of total monthly premiums paid by FFI 


    National dental coverage, 50% of total monthly premium paid by FFI 


    11 paid holidays annually, and three annual paid days of service 


    Accrual of up to 120 hours annual vacation, increased accrual rates after 2 years employment


    Up to 96 annual hours allotted for Sick/Personal Leave


    Employee sponsored 403(b) retirement savings program


    Annual stipend for professional development


Deadline to apply is Tuesday, January 19, 2021


Essential Duties & Responsibilities 


This is a new position. We are looking for someone who will seize the potential and be a booster rocket on what has been accomplished so far, always focused on building commitment, effort and accountability. Inspiring and supporting action through relationships that span boundaries and that focus on structural change is the throughline of the work. This position requires a bias towards action, a preference for working at the margins and spanning boundaries, and a generative curiosity about how change happens — not if it happens. 



We are looking for someone who will hold tight to the vision and potential of the Wellbeing Blueprint even as plans evolve and strategy continues to emerge. We therefore describe the current activities within each core area; we expect a new staff position to start by continuing and enhancing these activities, quickly becoming expert on the Wellbeing Blueprint’s principles and recommendations, and its intersectionality with FFI’s full scope of work. Ultimately, success will require the Director’s innovation and creativity, significantly expanding beyond current activities in partnership with the Blueprint community. 



* While you will have primary responsibility for what follows, you will not be alone. This position will work in close collaboration with a highly involved core of Blueprint allies, FFI fellows, the Director of Technology, the Chief of Communications, CEO, and Senior Managers for Engagement and Partnerships, in addition to the Chief of National Engagement and Partnerships.



Center those closest to systemic oppression and harms


  • Shift power to proximate leadership, without losing the fundamental value that the Blueprint creates a level playing field for systems leaders and community leaders to co-create change. 


    Amplify stories, voices and needs of diverse communities, leaders and stakeholders across multiple platforms without colonizing or appropriating.


    Hold equity and wellbeing as core values and consistently illustrate how a wellbeing orientation surfaces new solutions that drive towards equity (don’t worry — you’ll get a lot of training and support on this in your first months with us). 



Grow community amongst Signers to spark action that aligns activities and accountabilities with change strategies.


  • Create infrastructure for networked connectivity, acting as a liaison to build deep, sustainable partnerships and ecosystems, prioritizing transformational change. 


    Lead and evolve semi-monthly signers calls, and other activities that deepen connections and relationships to and among members.


    Increase the number and diversity of signers and increase rates of participation in activities through identification of key value propositions of signing. 


  • Work with others on the Engagement and Partnerships team to provide content that builds foundational knowledge of a wellbeing orientation, cultivates emergent leadership among signers, and sets a tone of curiosity in which everyone has expertise and has something to learn. 



Spark and scaffold action and change


  • Build and support diverse coalitions of changemakers, ensuring constant focus and momentum in the fulfillment of the Wellbeing Blueprint principles and commitments.  


    Analyze a diversity of data points to inform next steps and long term goals. 


    Co-create campaigns and actions with signers and others.


    Keep abreast of where the constraints to action are and work to address these — whether knowledge, connections or other. 


    Develop aligned accountability expectations among signers for action and contributions.


    Track and amplify victories and strategies for change pioneered by individual or small groups of signers. 


    Spot and respond to conflicts and misalignment between partners.



Expand visibility, reach and change


  • Produce and dramatically increase participation in monthly webinars and other events that challenge conventional thinking and inspire new paths forward, showing (not telling) that our human drive for wellbeing is the connective tissue that spans boundaries, compelling a broad audience to rethink assumptions and take different actions. 


    Instigate and lead, as appropriate, additional means to lift up the principles and community of the Blueprint. 



Be a face of the Blueprint


  • Build and manage relationships with and among signers and other key stakeholders, serving as a resource for content, ideas and thought partnership, not just operational support.


    Relentlessly represent the Blueprint externally. 


    Expand the reach of the Blueprint, increasing signers and also creating a connection point for field and issue specific networks. 


    Continuously learn with and from others, focusing on bringing lessons across traditional boundaries of field, societal status and geography. 



Strengthen the roadmap


  • Lead the ongoing development of guidelines for how and when the Blueprint document is amended and altered, and who decides, and ensures this process is transparent, inclusive and community centered. 


    Continue to evolve the Blueprint, adding recommendations and initiating the creation of tools and mechanisms for individuals and institutions to translate it into action. 



Work with FFI and the Steering Committee (which includes multiple stakeholders outside FFI as well as FFI representation) to evolve the Blueprint and the governance structure to fully reflect the values of the Blueprint



Leverage technology (in partnership with the Director of Technology) and communications (with the Chief of Communications) to:


  • Generate a Wellbeing Blueprint online presence, increasing connection points, reach and engagement through a community-centered lens. 


    Highlight examples of changes in action, providing tools and playbooks for changemakers. 


    Aggregate and amplify examples of systemic change in communities across the country growing from wide adoption of this framework and create positive pressure for even broader adoption.


    Amplify a diversity of compelling, layered, storylines and voices, across multiple platforms, that depict what is possible and preferable, sparking connection and a call to action.  



Budget and funding management


  • Manage the budget and work closely with others at FFI to support projects’ dovetailing and maximize opportunities for cost and effort sharing across projects. 


    Support fundraising by spotting funding opportunities; assisting in the preparation of grant applications and reports; and joining in meetings with funders. 





  • A life and career trajectory that illuminates values aligned with a country where everyone has a fair shot at wellbeing. We’re not interested in saints and perfect people. We are interested in integrity, resilience and an informed and actualized belief in people, equity, wellbeing and transformation. 


    At least 10 years in changemaking including experience sparking and driving change and taking big visions and making them reality. Experience with an organizing initiative and/or national campaign highly desirable; if you don’t have this, you will need to have demonstrated related skills in another context.


    • Public sector/policy experience that gives you credibility with public sector leaders and that equips you to scrutinize policy in detail, discerning areas of potential impact connected to the Wellbeing Blueprint’s priorities and community. 


      Community and lived experience that gives you credibility with those proximate to the harms of systems and societal oppressions. 


    Experience driving and curating a calendar of external facing events and building an audience (setting topics, securing speakers, planning, working with logistics and tech staff). 


    Demonstrated experience navigating the mess of change, putting structure and order in place to scaffold growth and progress. 


    Demonstrated ability to lead through influence not authority and use soft power and skills. Superb boundary spanning, translating ideas, principles and methods across traditional fault lines of field, caste and place, without cultural appropriation or reinventing harm. Strong ability to spot and articulate patterns where others don’t see them. Interests and experience that seem eclectic, yet become coherent when you explain them. 


    Cross-sectional understanding and experience to translate day-to-day and long-term goals through varied strategies, to include marketing, fundraising/development, grant management, fiscal responsibility, and community focused networks. 


    Curious and creative: Capable of finding the right analytic approach, always asking questions and testing the data and analysis to ensure that we are answering the right key questions. 


    Very quick study — able to identify and learn enough about an issue outside of your wheelhouse (through networking and research) to be conversant and curious.


    Delight in the unknown (not just ability to tolerate ambiguity); ability to craft, implement, evolve and, as needed, jettison plans quickly. A bias towards improvisation and action.


    Compelling, influential communicator with the ability to individualize presentations, agendas, and messaging to a variety of audiences and distill complicated issues into clear recommendations. Savvy in multiple media (grant proposals, blogs, discussion and webinar formats). 


    Ability to toggle fluidly between big vision and granularities of implementation; to help the big picture folks get concrete, and the granular folks dream big. You have to be able to hold a room without always needing the spotlight.


    Strong network orientation, including generative conversations. 


    Positive attitude and willingness to own all aspects of building partnerships, with strong interpersonal skills to navigate competing stakeholder interest. 


    Established, diverse networks and willingness to leverage those relationships in support of the work.



  • All new hires are expected to 


    • Have foundational knowledge of the history and realities of systemic racism, intersectionality and oppression in the United States, and have fluency in the core precepts of diversity, equity and inclusion. Demonstrated ability to apply DEI-related skills in real-world situations is expected. FFI continues its own organizational journey, and all staff are expected to lean into this work of personal and organizational growth.


      Have fluency in tech platforms such as Google Suite, Zoom, Salesforce (or similar CRMs), Slack, Asana, Adobe, and/or similar communications, content creation, and data platforms; or demonstrated ability to learn new technologies quickly



How to Apply
FFI is interested in building a high-performing diverse team.  In order to do that we approach hiring a little differently...rather than analyzing resumes in an attempt to determine potential for success, instead we have built a recruitment process that actively removes unconscious bias and relies on proven talent predictors and targeted skills assessments.  The first step in this process is an analysis of your responses to a series of short response prompts.  So rather than updating your resume and drafting a cover letter, instead, we ask you to put your application energy and time into responding to the question prompts included in the application


Deadline to apply is Tuesday, January 19, 2021.  



FFI is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are committed to diversity and value a variety of experiences; people from historically marginalized and oppressed communities or identities are strongly encouraged to apply. Reasonable accommodations will be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of this position.


Full application address if link is not working:

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