AmeriCorps*VISTA Data in Education Success Project Leader

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Nov 04, 2020
Dec 04, 2020
Job Function
Education / Teaching

Our organization is searching for a 12-month AmeriCorps*VISTA: Data in Education  Success Project Leader at YouthBuild Philadelphia Charter School to build capacity  (behind the scenes rather than direct service to students) to our career program. 


YouthBuild Philadelphia Charter School's mission is to empower young adults (18-20 year-olds) to develop skills and connect to opportunities by fostering an environment of love, support, and respect for their whole person. Students graduate high school and successfully transition to college and career as critically conscious leaders, committed to positive change for themselves and their communities. 


YouthBuild Philadelphia Charter School provides an outstanding alternative education that activates the capacity of all students to learn, achieve and grow. YBPCS will be recognized as a model of authentic experiential learning, not only among programs serving out-of-school youth, but also among all high-achieving schools and youth programs in the country. High expectations, a nurturing climate, personalized culture and rigorous real world learning experiences ensures that graduates are poised for life-long learning and career advancement. It is our vision that YouthBuild graduates will emerge as highly accomplished, self-sufficient, self aware and socially conscious citizens. Graduates will be energized about their futures and build support networks for their personal, social and emotional health and well-being. 

YouthBuild Philadelphia Charter School will maximize its capacity to engage each student’s passion, tap into his or her individual potential and provide him or her with real opportunities for personal and professional transformation.


YBPCS’ values are deeply held and come from a love of humanity and a perspective that  views each student as a community asset. The programs three core values - respect,  excellence and perseverance – are reinforced through all aspects of the program. 

Impact Statement 

Young people in Philadelphia who are disconnected will build skills and access resources  and opportunities to achieve economic stability and personal development, and become  critically conscious leaders within their communities. 

To apply, send letter of interest and resume to with the words "Data in Education Success VISTA” in the subject line. No phone calls,  please. 

The Data in Education Success Project Leader will develop processes to evaluate  YouthBuild Philadelphia’s success in its educational and vocational capacities. This  information will be instrumental in how we focus our efforts to best serve our students.  The VISTA will develop efficient systems for: 

∙ Tracking academic progress: Establish a system to evaluate data on academic  progress and its connection to support processes currently in place. For example,  the VISTA will provide support in defining the parameters and resources needed  to review the effectiveness of program components. 

∙ Tracking attendance related data: Attendance data provides critical information  that can show links to academic progress, testing success, and academic  commitment. The selected VISTA will develop processes to take in and evaluate  data in relation to these key points, as well as others the VISTA feels would be  valuable. 

∙ Tracking graduation data: Research, survey, evaluate, and summarize  recommendations for the current class’s graduation prospects by analyzing last  year’s data. To do this, the VISTA will be supporting the process of creating and  implementing an assessment system that regularly measures effectiveness of  programming, including periodic and end of the year student surveys for both  current students and alumni. 


∙ a living allowance of $14,097 annually ($542.22/biweekly pretax) ∙ an education award of approximately $5,920 upon successful completion of term  of service 

∙ loan forbearance w/ interest accrual payment (federal loans) 

∙ child care coverage (if applicable) 

∙ health benefits

This full-time AmeriCorps position is ideal for any candidate who is looking to gain  experiences in any of the following areas: nonprofits, program design, research, data,  postsecondary initiatives, career services, employer relations, college access programs,  charter schools, and/or urban education. Regular hours for this position are weekdays  from 8a.m. to 4p.m. with flexibility required for occasional night or weekend  events/projects. 

Term and Qualifications for VISTA Members 

Applicants for our full-time AmeriCorps/VISTA Member position must: ∙ Be a college graduate as of June 2019 who is— 

▪ proficient with Excel 

▪ research-focused 

▪ detail-oriented, and 

▪ passionate about serving at-risk populations 

∙ Be a U.S. citizen or have permanent resident status 

∙ Be in a position to offer full-time service for one year 

∙ Be able to exhibit previous education, training, military, or work experience, and  any other relevant skills or interests necessary to perform a specific VISTA  assignment 

∙ Be willing to live among and at the economic level of the low-income people  served by the project and have a desire to provide needed community services  to an under-served community  

∙ Not listed in the National Sex Offender Registry database as convicted of a sex related crime 

∙ Applicants cannot be the subject of legal proceedings (civil or criminal) that may  consume time needed for their assignments 


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