Director - Human Resources and Administration

Atlanta, Georgia
Salary commensurate with experience. Excellent employee benefit package.
Sep 29, 2020
Oct 29, 2020
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Human Services
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Full Time
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Summary and Background of this Role:
This is a new position that will be responsible for all aspects of human resources and general administration within our organization. This is a hands-on role with its primary focus on the organization’s biggest asset – our team. This role will be a key member of the senior staff and report to the CEO. We also anticipate that this role will assist in new opportunities and special projects as they arise and as time allows.

To date, our organization has operated at a very high-level without a dedicated Director of HR and Administration, handling these functions through our CFO, CEO and within individual departments. Over the last several years, we have also taken some vendor roles in-house and have staffed-up as our work has increased. Through strategic discussions with our entire team this summer and fall, we have concluded that the creation of this new role will be a compelling value add as we continue to evolve our operations, optimize roles and engage our team of professionals. Within our organization, we are also committed to creating a work environment where diversity, equity and inclusion are valued and operationalized, and this role will be integral to helping us fulfill this commitment.

In addition to the professional qualifications discussed below, a successful candidate will demonstrate a genuine passion for the work of the Midtown Alliance in creating a dynamic and welcoming urban environment. This individual will bring a proactive and creative approach, a clear communication style and a good sense of humor.

Background on the Organization:
Midtown Alliance is a coalition of business and civic leaders focused on promoting economic development and creating an exceptional urban experience in Midtown, Atlanta. We are a mission-based organization, widely viewed as the driving force behind the revitalization of Midtown and a national model for urban excellence.

Our priorities include urban design; planning and executing transportation enhancements, public parks and plazas, arts and activation; a robust public safety, maintenance and beautification program; and ensuring the active engagement of our stakeholders and the community. We are a member supported, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in our 42nd year of operation, and our Midtown Community Improvement District (CID) is now celebrating its 20th year.

The organization is governed by a 10-person Executive Committee and a 65 person Board of Directors. We are a stable, highly supported organization with a full-time staff of 45 and projected 2020 expenditures of $10 million. We currently operate out of two offices within an easy walk: a street-level space at 6th and Peachtree and an office building at 10th and Peachtree.

Principal roles and responsibilities

  • Develop and oversee the successful execution of all personnel, HR, employee wellness and benefit plans and programs for the organization.
  • Develop and oversee employment policies that promote fairness, equal opportunity, diversity, equity and inclusion in the organization’s hiring, retention and promotion practices. Partner with management to communicate HR policies, procedures, programs and laws.
  • Update employment practices as new regulations come online, and ensure compliance related to HR and various benefit plans.
  • Promote a high-performance work culture, by providing professional counsel to staff and managers at all levels.
  • Organize and execute appropriate employee events and experiences to build collaboration, celebrate successes, recognize exceptional performance and otherwise make the Midtown Alliance a special place to work.
  • Develop and continue to refine employee benefit plans and programs that fit the organization’s workforce, help to attract and retain high-performing team members and that are cost-effective. The administration and compliance for employee benefit and welfare plans have been outsourced for many years to Atlanta-area specialty agencies.

Key duties

  • Oversee and assist department heads in the process of recruiting, screening, hiring and onboarding all new team members.
  • Counsel team members related to job, workplace and benefit plan issues, maintaining visibility in both office locations.
  • Be the primary contact internally and with third parties related to employee-related incidents, directing the preparation of required documents and approving all information submitted. Facilitate the initiation, process and completion of any workers compensation questions or claims, including appropriate documentation and ensuring internal and external connections.
  • Be the point person and coordinate necessary steps related to all separations from employment, including documentation and termination as appropriate for both compensation and benefit plan participation.
  • Facilitate the annual process for benefit plan evaluations/selections and employee enrollment. Oversee plan participation and be the point person.
  • Facilitate and ensure documentation of the ongoing process for evaluating staff performance; suggest new approaches as warranted.
  • Maintain compensation guidelines and recurring adjustment practices and advise on compensation.
  • Facilitate professional development opportunities and courses; assist managers in developing appropriate workplace safety policies, practices and training.
  • Manage time, attendance process for hourly employees. Paycom has been used for all recurring payroll processing for many years, with payroll cycle preparation and execution overseen/facilitated by the Assistant Controller with CFO review. Over time, activate Paycom system to digitize and organize key personnel documents such as resume submission and ranking, any required background checks, training certifications, performance evaluations, etc.
  • Update HR policies and practices as needed to ensure a positive employer-employee relationship, promote a high-level of morale and motivation and compliance with regulatory requirements including Georgia workers compensation, EEO, ADA, FMLA, OSHA and ERISA.
  • Ensure and manage the appropriate delegation of part-time administrative support, including time and attendance and information gathering assistance.
  • Help facilitate physical office/space changes to accommodate team members and departments. Working hours/special work accommodations
  • Flexible and adaptive office hours may be considered, assuming appropriate support and visibility to team members.


  • Experience: a career track of HR positions with increasing responsibilities and experience working with a diverse workforce and functions. HR leadership role(s) with a non-profit organization is a plus.
  • Active affiliation with appropriate Human Resources networks and organizations (SHRM, etc).
  • Education – minimum Bachelor’s degree or equivalent that provides an appropriate background for a successful HR career track.
  • Specialized knowledge and abilities – broad general working knowledge of HR laws and regulations; advanced training in various HR areas.
  • Technical skills and proficiencies – Excellent computer skills in a Microsoft Windows environment to include Excel and skills in database management and record keeping. Hands-on familiarity with Paycom or similar multi-function employment software database.

Midtown Alliance offers a competitive salary and exceptional benefits. Midtown Alliance is an equal opportunity employer. All aspects of employment are based on merit, competence, performance and the needs of the organization. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, marital status, age, national origin, ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition, pregnancy, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, veteran status, or any other status protected under federal or state law.

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