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Smyrna, Georgia
Sep 14, 2020
Oct 14, 2020
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The Community Service Board (CSB) serves as the single point of entry into publicly funded mental health, developmental, and substance use disorder services for the state of Georgia. The executive director is employed by and serves at the pleasure of the CEO/board of directors and contains mutually agreed-upon performance objectives and evaluation criteria. The Executive Director is directly accountable and responsible to the CEO/board of directors for providing leadership and overall management of CSB operations. This includes program and service delivery management; strategic planning; financial management; human resource management; physical plant operations; information system operations; compliance with applicable state and federal statutes, regulations and policies; quality improvement and risk management; support and assistance to the CEO/board of directors; and interface with state and local governments and advocacy groups. The Executive Director has been granted authority by the CEO/board of directors to establish standard operating procedures concerning the delivery of CSB services and the operation of CSB facilities.

Position Responsibilities:

The incumbent will fulfill the following responsibilities.

A. Governance

  1. Participate with the CEO/board of directors in developing and communicating the CSB’s vision and mission statements and help the agency articulate its own role and accountabilities and those of its staff.
  2. Meet with the CEO/board of directors at its regularly scheduled and special meetings and provide CEO/board of directors with regular reports about CSB programs and services.
  3. Prepare for CEO/board of directors approval of a written annual fiscal year report of services provided, individuals who received services and revenues and expenses.
  4. Develop a yearly work plan including goals and objectives for programs and services and administration for the approval by the CEO/board of directors.
  5. Serve as the chief staff person for the agency under the direction of the CEO/board of directors.

B. Leadership, Management and Services Development and Delivery

  1. Provide overall leadership and professional direction to CSB mental health, developmental and substance use disorder programs and services and administrative operations and oversee day-to-day operations of the CSB to assure a smoothly functioning, efficient and effective organization.
  2. Develop, monitor, and evaluate strategic and operational plans for the delivery of CSB programs and services and periodically conduct a needs assessment to determine needs for mental health, developmental, and substance use disorder services in the CSB’s service area and make recommendations to the CEO/board of directors.
  3. Implement a continuous quality improvement process throughout CSB programs and services to promote delivery of high quality services and to manage and ameliorate risks.
  4. Provide reports to the CEO/board of directors that track program performance and outcomes and monitor ongoing programs and services for proper administration and effective use of resources.
  5. Direct the modification or development of programs and services in response to identified needs and priorities established by the CEO/board of directors.
  6. Ensure development and maintenance of a management information system that produces consistent and accurate data and information about services, individuals receiving services and income and expenditures.
  7. Ensure agency policies and procedures are current and consistent with legal requirements and the CSB’s vision and mission statements, goals and objectives.
  8. Adhere to the CSB’s policies and procedures and expectations in the CSB’s Code of Ethics; ensure the CSB is in compliance with all licensing, human rights, and other state and federal laws, regulations, and policies; ensure the CSB satisfies requirements in its performance contract with the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD); and ensure interagency agreements are current and reviewed as required by the Code of Georgia.
  9. Manage and oversee the human rights system for the CSB and respond appropriately to complaints from individuals receiving services or their families.
  10. Direct the implementation of federal, state, local and agency policies and contracts.
  11. Maintain positive working relationships with individuals receiving services and their family members, advocacy groups, and other public and private human services agencies.
  12. Participate in local, regional, state and national associations and professional activities related to planning, development, delivery and coordination of mental health, developmental and substance use disorder services.
  13. Act as the CSB’s chief liaison with elected and appointed state and local government officials and participate in various planning, coordinating and advocacy activities at state, regional, and local levels.
  14. Serve as the CSB’s representative on various community teams to ensure collaboration and coordination on behalf of individuals receiving services and their families.
  15. Perform other duties as assigned by the CEO/board of directors.

C. Financial Resources Management

  1. Provide fiscal and budgetary integrity and accountability to the CEO/board of directors through a system of reports regularly submitted to the CEO, the board, local and state governments and other funding sources.
  2. Ensure preparation and presentation of an annual operating budget for the provision of mental health, developmental and substance use disorder services to the CEO/board of directors and local governments.
  3. Ensure timely submission of an annual performance contract to local governments and the Department.
  4. Monitor program expenditures through periodic revenue and expense reports.
  5. Assure appropriate financial statements and reports are submitted to the Department and local governments and fiscal records are kept in accordance with regulatory standards and generally accepted accounting procedures.
  6. Provide fiscal, budgetary and programmatic accountability by monitoring revenues and adjusting expenditures to manage the CSB’s budget.
  7. Manage grants, assets and CSB financial resources in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.
  8. Maintain the CSB’s reimbursement system and negotiate contracts with responsible third party payors consistent with the statutory mandate for the CSB to maximize the collection of fees for services.

D. Community and Public Relations

  1. Enhance public awareness of and support for the CSB’s mental health, developmental and substance use disorder services.
  2. Collaborate and consult with other behavioral healthcare organizations in the community, other community services Directors and other agencies to heighten visibility, influence, and public relations at local, state and federal levels.
  3. Develop and maintain communication channels between the CSB and appropriate local, state, and federal agencies as directed by the CEO/board of directors.

Position Qualifications and Requirements

Education and Experience Requirements Education:

The minimum education required for this position is graduation from an accredited college or university with an undergraduate degree in social work, psychology, rehabilitation counseling, or another human services-related field or in business, public, hospital, or health care administration or another management-related field. Master’s Degree in social services, business, public health, public administration or similar field is strongly preferred and will be given preference in the hiring process. Preference will also go to individuals experienced in the certification of a community behavioral health agency, or who has experience with the development of a behavioral health home.

Minimum Experience: 

  1. Six to ten years of experience in leading public or private organizations with functions and responsibilities that are similar or comparable to a CSB on budget size, number of employees, etc.;
  2. Two to Five years of experience in reporting directly to a CEO, a board of directors or other governing body structure that has policy, operational and fiduciary authority and responsibilities and
  3. Two to five years of experience in working with a broad range of constituents, including individuals receiving services, family members and advocacy groups in the mental health, developmental, or substance abuse services areas or a similar or related human services field.
  4. Experience reporting directly to a board of directors composed of citizen members that has policy, operational, and fiduciary authority and responsibilities and hires its executive director who serves at the pleasure of the CEO or board;
  5. Experience in implementing process to create a high performance organization through organizational leadership development approaches; and
  6. Experience with applying the concepts of recovery, empowerment, self-determination, or person-centered planning in mental health, developmental, or substance use disorder services.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

The incumbent will possess the following demonstrated knowledge, skills, and abilities to fulfill the executive director’s responsibilities.

  1. Considerable knowledge of the principles and practices of human services administration, business administration, or government program administration and of human resources management and financial management, including budgeting, resource allocation, contract management, monitoring, and auditing.
  2. Knowledge of mental health, developmental and substance abuse programs and services is required, and the ability to provide clinical or programmatic oversight is preferred.
  3. Knowledge of healthcare financing, contracting, and administration.
  4. Knowledge of planning, evaluation, and quality improvement methodologies and human rights requirements and issues is required, and considerable knowledge of planning, evaluation, and quality improvement methodologies and human rights requirements and issues.
  5. Ability to apply concepts of recovery, self-determination, or person-centered planning as they relate to mental health, developmental, or substance abuse services and the provision of services to individuals with co-occurring disorders.
  6. Skill in formulating policies, developing and administering budgets, negotiating and administering contracts, formulating program plans with goals and objectives, preparing and presenting reports and budget requests, and conducting effective community and public relations.
  7. Ability to provide effective leadership, inspiring others by example to achieve the mission and vision of the organization, supervise and elicit superior performance from senior managers and administrators, and maintain high levels of employee engagement within the agency.
  8. Ability to plan and implement services and related procedures and evaluate their effectiveness.
  9. Ability to interpret, communicate, and administer current federal and state laws, regulations, and policies that apply to the mental health, developmental, and substance abuse services.
  10. Ability to effectively work with other healthcare providers and leaders within the local healthcare system.
  11. Ability to integrate CSB services and partner with other healthcare providers to plan and deliver desired treatment outcomes and results for individuals receiving CSB services.
  12. Ability to communicate persuasively and concisely, orally, in writing, and electronically, with a broad range of individuals, groups, and organizations and develop and maintain collaborative and supportive relationships with federal, state, and local government officials, individuals receiving services and family members, and advocacy groups.
  13. Ability to engage in logical, analytical, and rational thinking and use automated data and information to make decisions; work independently, set and achieve realistic goals, solve problems creatively, and mediate disputes effectively; and respond to changing circumstances, manage organizational and financial risk, and adapt during periods of transition and uncertainty.

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