People and Culture Director (HR)

Atlanta, Georgia
$60,000-$75,000 per year + benefits
Sep 09, 2020
Oct 01, 2020
Position Type
Full Time
Experience Level

About the Center for Civic Innovation:

The Center for Civic Innovation is a nonprofit organization with the mission to model, invest in, and advocate for solutions that eliminate inequality in Atlanta. We are focused on three things:

  • Reimagining the way the voices of residents are heard in our city

  • Strengthening how grassroots and civic leaders are supported and valued for their work

  • Redesigning how local solutions are scaled and funded

We are committed to a community-centered, outcomes-driven approach to advocacy.

The People and Culture Director at the Center for Civic Innovation is responsible for ensuring that our organization formalizes and lives up to the values we set in our mission of work. This position oversees the recruitment and retention of talent, organization culture, and oversight on internal and external equity standards. This position is a full-time position and reports directly to the Executive Director.

The Center for Civic Innovation recognizes that in order to be a champion for equity and solving inequality in our external work, we have to demonstrate it and be anti-racist in our own day to day practices. We also recognize that we, just like many organizations, still have work to do. We are looking for an experienced champion to help us build this as a long-term foundation for the organization.


Role and Responsibilities:

  • Manage all recruitment, retention, and transition for staff

  • Maintain positive and strong staff culture, receiving consistent feedback on what staff wants and needs

  • Evaluate our performance, programs, and activities against key equity standards

  • Manage quarterly staff evaluation process and execution

  • Manage the development and any changes to job descriptions and roles

  • Manage payroll and annual benefits (healthcare, dental, transportation) review

  • Conduct annual salary audit for competitive salary evaluations, internal equity audit, and pay adjustments commensurate with Atlanta cost of living

  • Quarterly capacity assessment across teams and leadership to advise strategy

  • Manage time-off, vacation, and self-care building for the organization

  • Manage internship recruitment and project execution

  • Ensure strong staff working conditions, and manage any changes to staff working environment

  • Create and execute staff celebration and reward opportunities

  • Manage annual professional development opportunities for staff

  • Manage trainings on anti-bias and anti-racism for staff

  • Maintain and manage employee handbook and process for employee feedback

  • Manage database of external safety and health resources for staff

  • Maintaining and organizing all private personnel files

  • Maintain positive relationship between CCI and key stakeholders through gifts and notes

This role is successful if:

  • Staff at CCI feel respected, valued, clear, supported, celebrated, proud, and happy in their role with the organization

  • Anyone that engages with CCI feels seen, valued, heard, and respected

  • CCI looks like Atlanta-- from our staff to our Fellows to our speakers at events, we should always strive to be diverse and inclusive in all aspects of the word

  • CCI expands the external resources available to staff related to professional development, leadership, self-care, and personal wellbeing

  • CCI is equipped and prepared to work through and be held accountable for race and equity challenges that may arise internally or externally in our work

  • CCI maintains systems and processes that match our culture and values

  • CCI continues holds space for feedback and iteration against our policies and procedures to adjust with the times or circumstances


  • Experience of working in or with human resources: while we believe the work culture and environment at CCI is unique, we are looking for someone who can help instill the formality of HR processes and procedures.

  • Experience and understanding of equity and anti-racism: we seek to actively build processes and procedures around principles that we stand by. We need someone who has already taken the time to understand how best to relay and instate these concepts inside a smaller startup organization

  • Someone who calls-in, instead of calls-out: in this work, so many of us have so much learning to do and opportunities to grow. We need someone who gives room for that and helps individuals on that journey, no matter where their starting place is.

  • A love for this work and for Atlanta: while experience in social impact work is not mandatory, there is an existing culture in this sector of work that helps to understand why people may show up the way they do or why the organization does things a certain way. We want to be pragmatic, yet bold.

  • Flexibility and woosah: our work is ever-changing, especially as an organization aiming to be responsive to the times we live in. Priorities for the organization may evolve, but this role, arguably, would need to keep our culture strong in the midst of what can sometimes be chaos or unpredictability. 

Draft Timeline and Process:

Rolling application process: we will continue to accept applications until September 30 or until we find the right candidate; so we encourage you to apply sooner rather than later!

Interviews will take place starting on September 17th.

Pay Scale:

$60,000-$75,000, negotiable and commensurate with experience


The Center for Civic Innovation offers a very competitive benefits package, with 100% employer covered health insurance and generous, encouraged self-care and time-off policies


The culture at the Center for Civic Innovation drives our ability to authentically show up to this work every single day. We expect team members to feel a sense of accountability for the success of the people they work with every day. We want everyone to come to work feeling like they can unapologetically bring their whole self to the room. CCI aims to be a place for personal and professional growth, while also leaning in to the excellence and genius everyone naturally brings to the table. We work hard and play hard. Our work requires humility and an understanding that this work can be frustrating and the expectations are high-- but ultimately, the work is bigger than any one individual person.