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Holden Village, WA -- N Cascade Mts. near Lake Chelan
Salary and benefits are dependent upon experience and composition of the executive leadership team
Nov 09, 2019
Dec 08, 2019
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Holden Village, a remote Lutheran retreat center and community in the wilderness of the Cascade Mountains of Washington state, seeks Executive Director(s) for a five-year term beginning September 1, 2020. A former copper mining village gifted to the Lutheran church in the 1960’s, Holden has offered year-round hospitality to all who come to the bustling summer community (400+ people) and/or the smaller winter community (100+) for over 50 years. Holden Village is rooted in the Lutheran expression of the Christian faith, while also striving to be a place of ecumenical and interfaith collaboration. In offering year-round hospitality to all who come to Holden, the Village seeks to serve the wider church and God’s beloved world.

Holden is emerging from an earlier period of heavy construction in connection with mine remediation (2013-2016) and a recent forest fire (2015) to grow back to full capacity for education, worship, and recreation for people of all ages.  Looking forward, the Board and the Executive Directors will continue negotiations regarding the possibility of another remediation project in the valley and are engaging in a Strategic Planning process to help guide Holden into the future.

The Board of Directors of Holden Village hires, oversees, and supports the Executive Director(s), who is/are expected to maintain a consistent presence in the Village and lead the community during this time of complex ecological, ecumenical, and societal change. Leadership of the Village has many times consisted of 1-3 Executive Director(s) who, in turn, manage a corps of staff and volunteers, ranging from roughly 70 people in the winter months to 130 in the summer. The directorship involves relationships with staff, guests, donors, the Church, synods, and outside organizations, including the National Forest Service, regulatory agencies, and Rio Tinto, the mine remediation company who runs a local water treatment plant in Railroad Creek Valley.  

The Board seeks Executive Director(s) who, first and foremost, is/are deeply committed to articulating and embodying the Mission, Vision, and Core Values of the Village. Leadership in this setting requires great personal resilience; an ability to strategically envision Holden’s place in the complex, changing world; ongoing focus on ecological regeneration and sustainability; commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion; interaction with Rio Tinto; oversight of renewal and/or construction of buildings; and changes in the volunteer and employment landscape of our constituency.  The Board is open to receiving proposals for executive leadership that mirror historic models and/or innovative approaches and team compositions to lead Holden Village.

Position Overview

The Executive Director(s) is/are responsible to the Board of Directors to nurture and keep the Mission, Vision, and Core Values as the vital center of the life and work of Holden Village. 


Essential Functions

Leadership for a collaborative, welcoming community


  • Articulate and live out the Mission, Vision, and Core Values with all Villagers
  • Collaborate with the Board to implement the Strategic Plan
  • Build and maintain relationships with all Villagers and community partners, such as the National Forest Service, Rio Tinto, the Yakima Nation, and Chelan School District
  • Develop and oversee the design, execution, and evaluation of programs and education consistent with the ministry of Holden Village, including the Summer Teaching Programs
  • Oversee fundraising and develop other financial resources with Board approval and support
  • Ensure through staffing, programming, outreach, and training that Holden upholds a commitment to racial equity, social justice, accessibility, and inclusion of people from a wide diversity of communities, including racial, ethnic, religious, socioeconomic, gender, sexuality, and ability identities

Staffing and Management


  • Hire and supervise all managers and oversee recruitment, hiring and training of year-round staff and seasonal volunteers (staffing models like leadership teams have varied over the years)
  • Nurture a sense of community for all Villagers, in and out of Holden
  • Engage practices for diversity, equity, and inclusion on multiple levels
  • Create a work culture of cooperation, supportive delegation, and empowerment
  • Oversee Village’s facilities and business operations, delegating and prioritizing a wide variety of critical tasks



Financial Oversight


  • Provide general oversight of the development of proposed budgets for Board review and approval
  • Oversee and be accountable for finances, including income, expenditures, external contracts, and all other financial matters



Public Relations


  • Serve as the spokesperson for the ministry of Holden Village to cultivate relationships with existing and potential guests, staff, faculty, donors, and partners
  • Oversee the writing, printing, and distribution of all Holden’s promotional and informational materials


Qualifications, Experience, and Skills


  • Baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university, required, Master degree preferred
  • Demonstrate a living connection with a Lutheran community of faith, a broadly ecumenical understanding of Christianity, and an ability to engage in faith-based learning in a variety of contexts
  • Executive leadership experience, representing a wide span of organizational control
  • Experience training and engaging others in both large and small groups
  • Demonstrated commitment to and experience with organizational practices for diversity, equity, and inclusion, particularly related to racial justice
  • Adaptive communication skills, including interviewing, coaching, and intercultural collaboration
  • Experience in recruiting, selecting, nurturing, and evaluating staff
  • Committed to living full-time at Holden Village for 5 years


Salary and benefits are dependent upon experience and composition of the executive leadership team


Visit holdenvillage.org and scroll down for additional detail

To apply or inquire:

Eric Lansverk, ericlansverk@holdenboard.org, 206-470-7634 (o) 206-484-3517 (m)

An application consists of a resume (including names of at least three references) and three essays (double-spaced, maximum 1000 words each):

  1. Describe your spiritual journey.
  2. Describe your leadership experience, how it relates to leading an organization like Holden Village, and your vision for Holden leadership at this time.
  3. Choose one or more of the Holden Village core values and describe how you would use it (or them) in implementing the vision you describe above. http://www.holdenvillage.org/about-us/mission-core-values/ 

Please submit application materials on or before Friday, December 20, 2019 to:

Eric Lansverk
Hillis Clark
999 Third Ave, Suite 4600
Seattle, WA 98104

Holden Village recognizes that there is much work to be done in the Church, the world, and the Village to honor, respect, and celebrate diversity and all its gifts. As such, the Holden Board of Directors affirms and supports diverse applicants and/or teams for the position of Executive Director(s). People of any race, ethnicity, national origin, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, physical or mental ability status, or relationship with Holden are encouraged to apply.