Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Spruill Center for the Arts

Dunwoody, Georgia
Oct 30, 2019
Nov 29, 2019
Position Type
Full Time
Degree Level
Willingness to Travel
up to 25%
Experience Level




Article X (Ten) of the Spruill Center for the Arts By-Laws:

X.1       There shall be a Chief Executive Officer who shall carry out the day-to-day business        operations, affairs, and administrative functions of the Corporation.

X.2       The Chief Executive Officer shall report to the President of the Board of Directors.

X.3       Employment of, and any contract with, the Chief executive Officer shall be recommended by       the Executive Committee and approved by a majority of the Board of Directors present at a   general or Special Meeting with a quorum. The Chief Executive Officer shall be employed and           terminated by a majority vote of the Board of Directors and shall be employed by the            Corporation under a contract and terms approved by the Board of Directors.

X.4       The Chief Executive Officer shall manage the employees of the Corporation and by the    advanced consent of the majority vote of the Executive Committee, shall employ and terminate        the Corporation’s employees. Any contracts of employment with the Corporation’s employees          shall be first approved by the vote of a majority of the Executive Committee.

X.5       The Chief Executive Officer shall consult with the Board of Directors and Executive Committee   and carry out the policies, programs, purposes, and directives of the Corporation as    determined by the Board of Directors.

X.6       The Chief Executive Officer shall be a non-voting ex officio member of the Board of Directors      and all of the Corporation’s committees, excluding the Nominating Committee or the Executive           Committee.


  • Master’s degree in art, education, or related field – or equivalent experience
  • Experience in corporate, foundation, and/or non-profit fundraising
  • Knowledge of giving practices of Atlanta area corporations and foundations
  • Passion for the arts, art education, and adult continuing education
  • Superior organization and personnel management skills
  • Political Savvy
  • Ability to manage many diverse projects at one time
  • Ability to work with many different groups with varied agendas
  • Ability to work with little or no direction
  • Superior speaking and writing skills
  • Experience in grant writing and marketing
  • Experience in budgeting, utilizing financial information, and managing organizational finances



  • Plan, initiate and implement fundraising strategies to support Capital Building Campaigns and ongoing instructional and exhibition programs:

            -- Establish funding priorities and strategies

            -- Balance fundraising opportunities with Rent Revenue designated funds

            -- Determine and develop corporate connections for direct solicitation

          -- Call on corporations, foundations, and other potential contributors

            -- Solicit grants and other contributions

            -- Procure sponsorships for exhibitions, special events, and building projects

  • Plan, organize, and direct the implementation of policies to run the organization:

            -- Establish and review operating procedures

            -- Report regularly to the Board of Directors regarding all aspects of operations

            -- Attend and participate in all Board of Directors and Board Committee meetings (except for           Executive Sessions)

            -- Coordinate organizational planning

            -- Work with the Board to develop long-range planning for the organization

            -- Develop short-range goals

            -- Supervise implementation of short and long-range goals

            -- Oversee financial operations and legal compliance

            -- With accounting and department directors, prepare Budget for Board review and approval

            -- Approve expenditures within limits of Board-approved Budget

            -- Sign contracts

            -- Monitor personnel matters with Administration Director

            -- Supervise Administration Director, Gallery Director, Ceramics Director, and Marketing/Public       Relations Manager

            -- Monitor departments’ operations and review progress regularly

            -- Support the annual independent audit

            -- Monitor tax and other legal requirements with Administration Director and accounting

            -- Monitor cash flow and expenditures to ensure organization’s fiscal well-being.

  • Support Public Relations Activities

            -- Speak for the Center to the public, to the media, and to other organizations

            -- Promote the Center through speaking engagements and media interviews

            -- Approve all Center materials with PR implications

  • Manage the Center’s relationship with City of Dunwoody and DeKalb County governments

            -- Deal with issues regarding Education Center facility operations with the City of Dunwoody,           including expansion of the building to accommodate Spruill Center growth

            -- Communicate with the Mayor and City Council about the Center’s mission and service to the       community, Metro Atlanta, and beyond

            -- Keep DeKalb County Government informed about the Center’s operations, mission, and              service to the county.

            -- Be responsible for obtaining the annual DeKalb County Major Arts Center support grant

  • Represent the organization in all dealings with other organizations, arts centers, arts funders, and foundations.

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