Props Department Head

30318, Atlanta
Contact I.A.T.S.E. Local 927
Aug 19, 2019
Sep 18, 2019
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Temporary / Seasonal
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Facilitate the load-in, set-up, running, performances and load-out of all stage properties for The Atlanta Opera main stage productions.  Supervise and work alongside the props crew during work calls.  Coordinate with the Props Supervisor, Technical Director, Head Carpenter, and Head Electrician in discussing and planning the daily schedule and use of the stage.


Pre-Season & Pre-Production

  1. Work with the Props Coordinator in making sure the hardware and consumables are in stock and organized in properties road boxes
  2. Meet with the Props Coordinator, Technical Director, and other departments heads to discuss:
  3. Load-in and Performance schedules
  4. Plans and plots
  5. Key Assistants selections
  6. Labor calls
  7. Be available to meet with the road Props Supervisor and/or resident Props Coordinator if necessary, before each load-in


Load in:

  1. Supervise and assist the properties crew
  2. Coordinate the properties crew with other departments
  3. Coordinate work calls, expected task time frames, and internal breaks with Props Coordinator and Technical Director
  4. Supervise and assist in transport and “initial push” of wardrobe, stage management, wigs, and make-up road boxes and equipment Supervise and assist in packing and loading rehearsal space props and infrastructure Monitor the opening of the pit at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center Supervise and assist the orchestra set-up (chairs, stands, stand-lights, instruments) Setup and arrange all necessary quick-change booths for wardrobe

Show Preparation:

  1. Assist the designer in the dressing of all sets
  2. Assist the Props Coordinator and Technical Director in the preparation of all prop shifts and cues
  3. Coordinate with other departments on safe and functional prop staging areas backstage and in the loading dock

Stage Rehearsals:

  1. Supervise Props pre-set
  2. Do pre-performance check to make sure all properties are ready for the performance
  3. Under the supervision of the Production Stage Manager cue props crew when necessary
  4. Troubleshoot any problems and make the necessary repairs
  5. Run scene and intermission shifts for props team
  6. Maintain a safe and clean stage and backstage area
  7. Maintain the artistic integrity and production values of props throughout the run
  8. Secure props at the end of each rehearsal/performance as necessary


  1. Facilitate the strike of all properties and the loading of properties and equipment into the trucks
  2. Supervise and assist in the restoration of the theater when necessary
  3. Assist the Props Coordinator, Technical Director, and/or Stage Management Team in the documentation of all Atlanta Opera performances


  1. Ensure the quality of the properties crew work
  2. Educate the crew on proper methods and techniques when necessary
  3. Enforce The Atlanta Opera’s work rules at all times
  4. Assist The Atlanta Opera’s production staff when required
  5. Assist The Atlanta Opera’s support groups when required
  6. Attend production meetings when required
  7. Facilitate and complete equipment maintenance as required
  8. Must carry him/herself in a calm and professional manner during all stage calls and performances
  9. Other duties as assigned by the Props Coordinator and/or Technical Director


  1. Must have at least seven (7) years of experience in theatrical properties
  2. Desired skills include, but are not limited to: carpentry, painting, furniture repair, sewing, casting/mold making, welding, photoshop and any specialty fabrication
  3. B.A. or B.F.A. in theater production, is preferred, but not required
  4. The ability to supervise a large crew is required
  5. High organizational and personnel management skills required
  6. Comprehensive training in the safe operation of stationary and portable power tools
  7. Understanding of the safe and healthful use and disposal of chemical and other potential hazardous material
  8. Be or become a referral with I.A.T.S.E. 927
  9. Competency in Microsoft Word and Excel


  1. Must be able to lift and carry 50 pounds
  2. Must be able to climb and work from a ladder and personnel lift
  3. Must have the vision and dexterity to safely operate stationary and portable power tools, hand tools and other stage equipment
  4. Must be able to function in low light conditions

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