Deputy Director of Community Outreach and Development

Herndon, Virginia
Salary commensurate with experience
Aug 07, 2019
Sep 06, 2019
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Full Time
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Deputy Director of Community Outreach and Development

Position Description

I-ASC (International Association for Spelling as Communication) is a start-up non-profit organization, established in June 2019. I-ASC serves the nonspeaking, neurodiverse and disability communities; their families; and trained professionals. I-ASC is committed to ensuring access to effective communication using  Spelling to Communicate (S2C) as originally developed by Elizabeth Vosseller.

To understand what the organization enables, and what this job description means, watch this video on Spelling to Communicate.  This will help you quickly understand the requirements and importance of the job and the organization.

I-ASC’s major initiatives over the next three years are as follows:

  • Increase the access to spelling as communication by a factor of 20x, enabling 20,000 children and adults to the most effective means communication many of them will have in their lives
  • Expand the number of trained practitioners of S2C from under 50 to over 1,000
  • Develop and deliver web-based education and advocacy in the form of explainer videos, infographics, curated articles, case studies and annotated research articles to speed the understanding of this methodology and its best practices
  • Create and maintain a registry of S2C Practitioners to enable more rapid availability of these services to the general population
  • Develop and maintain standards of practice to ensure quality services by registered S2C Practitioners
  • Advocate in large and small contexts for awareness and acceptance of nonspeakers
  • Support research by engaging with researchers to create interdisciplinary collaboration and access to funding for research on S2C and research that leads to a greater understanding of nonspeaking people
  • Develop a donor base and raise funds via events, grants, sponsorships and donor engagement.

Including part-time leadership, I-ASC has a staff size of 10, distributed throughout the United States and Canada. The full-time staff is headed by the Executive Director (Elizabeth Vosseller), this role, and a Deputy Director of Operations and Finance. In the first year, all other roles will be staffed by part-time leadership and practitioners.  I-ASC’s budget this year is $400k, and it aims to achieve a $3.5 million budget on the fourth year of operations. I-ASC received its founding grant from the O’Sullivan Foundation, the same organization that helped launch the Khan Academy, CoderDojo, the Rensselaer Center for Open Source, and others.

Position Summary

Create and build a stakeholder engagement framework for a fast-growing non-profit, based in Herndon, Virginia, that will deliver services globally. Manage PR, marketing, communications and fundraising (“development”). This role reports to the Executive Director and liaises with community partners and prospective donors.



Public Relations & Marketing

  • Communicate the mission of I-ASC through multiple channels such as: white papers, blogs, media events, presentations and other platforms
  • Prepare press releases and solicit media coverage.
  • Ensure consistent messaging of I-ASC mission and best practices by creating resources for all users.
  • Create a strong social media presence for the organization and track all pertinent metrics.
  • Collaborate with I-ASC leadership to develop compelling ways to promote I-ASC as the leader in its field.

Content and Event Management

  • Develop and share resources to support nonspeaking individuals, families and professionals.
  • Disseminate resources to educate and inform policies & best practices for non-speaking individuals.
  • Create engagement opportunities and events to draw from the expertise of the non-speaking and neurodiverse community.
  • Support communities to encourage inclusion and communication access.
  • Use CRM technology to map, engage, qualify and support stakeholders.
  • Develop metrics to evaluate engagement and performance.


  • Expand funding base through donor engagement activities.
  • Develop a range of creative and engaging donor events and sponsorship opportunities.
  • Track funding metrics and evaluate results.
  • Ensure consistent development message in all I-ASC events & communications.
  • Communicate appreciation and impact of funded projects to donors.
  • Provide oversight for grant research and grant writing.


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • 4+ years of experience in roles of increasing responsibility in development, marketing, communications, and community engagement.  
  • Experience managing donor cultivation and donor facing events.
  • Experience in advocacy and stakeholder management.
  • Demonstrated commitment to transparency, and big-picture strategic thinking.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • The ideal candidate will be committed and willing to do whatever it takes to achieve the mission of I-ASC to provide communication access to nonspeaking individuals.  

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