Data Manager

Atlanta, Georgia
Jun 14, 2019
Jul 14, 2019
Focus Areas
Science / Technology
Position Type
Full Time
Degree Level

Role Description


The Data Manager’s primary job function is to develop, manage and execute a plan for maintaining TechBridge’s internal data. The Data Manager is responsible for authoring and managing a data governance strategy for TechBridge. This role will ensure internal data integrity, create management by exception data techniques, create needed reports and dashboards and identify needed improvements to internal workflows, processes, and data architecture that affect data collection and reporting.  This role needs to serve different set of internal ‘customers’.

TB Performance Measurement

Lead data collection and data reporting efforts for TechBridge to measure its own performance and impact as an organization. Responsible for overseeing the collecting and reporting of project success metrics (Return On Investment Calculator), operational readiness results, TechBridge sector, nonprofit mission KPIs, Social ROI, and net promoter scores. Provides outcomes reporting for the Technology Career Program. Coordinates consulting’s involvement with case studies for marketing and communications.

TB Outreach

Provide research on nonprofits, foundations and collaboratives for TechBridge’s sectors and communities. Responsible for developing market segmentation lists for TechBridge’s nonprofit email newsletter and email marketing campaigns. Responsible for the data integrity of collaborative and nonprofit accounts and contacts in TechBridge’s Salesforce CRM.

TB Development

Responsible for the data integrity of corporation, foundation, and individual donor accounts and contacts in TechBridge’s Salesforce CRM.

Current Responsibilities

Area: TB Performance Measurement


  • Maintenance of the TB Performance Measurement Dashboard and associated Reports (for TechBridge overall and by community)
  • Oversee data collection and reporting of TB performance and impact metrics
  • Project Success Metrics (Return on Investment Calculator)
    • Dollars Saved
    • Hours Saved
    • Cost per Dollar Raised
    • # clients served
    • Mission KPIs
    • Social ROI
  • Operational Readiness Scale
  • TechBridge Sectors
  • Net promoter scores
  • Technology Career Program Metrics
  • Coordinates consulting’s involvement with case studies for marketing and communications


  • # & % nonprofits ready for collective action
  • # & % nonprofits who improve on operational readiness scale
  • # & % nonprofits at progress, sustain, grow, innovate on operational readiness scale
  • Aggregate dollars saved
  • Aggregate hours saved
  • Increase in clients served (by vertical)

Effort %: 30%


TB Outreach

  • Responsible for generating collaborative and nonprofit leads through utilizing resources; such as, GuideStar, Nonprofit Member Associations, Nonprofits attending conferences, Nonprofits participating in Collaboratives, etc.
  • Responsible for the data integrity of collaborative and nonprofit accounts and contacts in Salesforce.
  • Campaign management: creates various email campaign lists to nonprofits. Participates in the weekly nonprofit email campaign meeting.
  • Develops conference and event campaigns to understand ROI of events and conferences (see Metrics).
  • Responsible for syncing Salesforce and MailChimp email campaigns, sending email campaigns via MailChimp, and reviewing MailChimp analytics reports.
  • Responsible for keeping TechBridge in compliance with MailChimp’s Terms of Use and keep all the unsubscribers information logged in Salesforce.


  • # leads generated
  • % leads converted to opportunities
  • # opportunities created
  • % opportunities closed won

Effort %: 30%


TB Development

  • Responsible for the data integrity of corporation, foundation, and individual donor accounts and contacts in TechBridge’s Salesforce CRM.
  • Run weekly data integrity reports and ask Development staff to make improvements in Salesforce
  • Measure progress of data integrity improvements

Effort %: 10%


TB Overall

  • This position is responsible for creating and managing the adherence to an agreed upon data governance plan.
  • Ensuring clean and reliable data is present in core Salesforce as well as the data in Salesforce add-ons, such as Cloud Coach.
  • Organize, manage and refresh data and documentation required for the efficient operation and reporting.
  • Prepare board/management/program reports and analytic dashboards monthly, quarterly and annual and ad hoc, turning results into actionable insights.
  • Assist in designing, developing and maintaining data collection forms.
  • Provide any associated training to stakeholders based on changes to data, system workflows, and process improvements.
  • Ensure projects are being entered correctly in cloud coach with all the relevant associated tasks.
  • Ensure time is being tracked against the project.
  • Create, modify, review dashboards to understand the health of a project and relay that information to the concerned project manager
  • Serve needs of different sets of internal ‘customers’

Effort %: 20%


Training and Administration

  • Oversees data volunteers who help with customer research, data integrity in Salesforce, etc.
  • Attending internal meetings (weekly sync up meetings with manager, weekly outreach meeting, weekly nonprofit email campaigns meeting, monthly company updates, monthly learning with donuts, marketing meetings, case study meetings, Dream Big planning, semi-annual strategic planning, etc.)
  • Completing expense reports & time entry

Effort %: 10%


Key Requirements

  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree
  • Years of Related Experience: 2 years
  • Good understanding of Salesforce from administrative perspective is essential.
  • Experience with managing resources and delegating tasks.
  • Identifies deeply with the TechBridge mission and vision
  • Computer aptitude - proficient online form design tools, Microsoft Office Suite, particularly Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Word; familiar with Salesforce or other customer relationship management (CRM) systems; ability to learn new software solutions
  • Ability to interface with, provide excellent services and collaborate with management and staff
  • Strong quantitative and qualitative analytic mindset and skills
  • Good organizational skills
  • Quality and detail oriented
  • Ability to work with confidential information and on tight deadlines
  • Solid oral and written communication skills are needed