Professional Education/Training Coordinator

Duluth, Georgia
Up to $49,000 + full benefit package
Mar 21, 2019
Apr 20, 2019
Position Type
Full Time
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Willingness to Travel
up to 25%
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Mosaic Georgia conducts professional training programs for medical professionals, law enforcement, educators and others who encounter victims of sexual assault and child sexual abuse. Training for direct service volunteers and victim advocates is also provided.  Most training programs are delivered in Gwinnett County, Georgia but travel across the state will be required. Professional education and training for Sexual Assault Nurse/Forensic Examiners (SANE/SAFE) is a hallmark program of Mosaic Georgia, with 400 medical professionals completing the week-long didactic courses since 2007.  Our Clinical Skills & Court Preparation training is expanding in 2019 to help SANEs build competency more quickly and transition to service.

Position Summary

The Training Coordinator is responsible for organizing and implementing all professional education and training programs, with guidance from the respective subject matter experts in-house.  Key responsibilities include event planning and logistics, curriculum & materials production, ensure events are promoted widely, manage registrations and CEUs, program evaluation and improvement, and maintain SANE/SAFE student files.

This position reports to the Operations Director and works closely with the Executive Director and others. For example, medical-related education is overseen by the Director of Forensic Medical Services, law enforcement programs are overseen by the Director of Client Services, and legal-related programs are overseen by the Director of Legal Services.  Familiarity or knowledge of medical and legal terms are valuable in this role.

The successful candidate will enjoy working in a dynamic environment and manage multiple priorities with multiple people. Flexibility and adaptability are important. Positive interpersonal skills are important for promoting the programs, responding to inquiries, coordinating with co-workers, and welcoming program attendees. Advanced technology skills to create multi-media programs, audio/video files, curriculum layout, and PowerPoint presentations are essential. Additional requirements in full job description.

Key Responsibilities

Training / Education Program Management

  • Maintain calendar of all training & education events for the organization.
  • Assist in development of new training programs as needed.
  • Follow up with allied partners to assess training needs.

Event Planning & Logistics

  • Secure appropriate training locations.
  • Create timelines and work plans that coordinate training execution and logistics with staff, training facilitator, presenters and vendors including: 
    • Schedule/room set-up 
    • Times/dates 
    • Audio/visual set-up 
    • Snacks/meals 
    • Transportation/lodging 
    • Curriculum
  • Update all documents and provide coordination and management of training applications, registrations, venue coordination, IT and technical support needs, speaker specifications, and related responsibilities.
  • Ensure accommodations are available as needed for hearing-impaired or other student requirements.
  • Manage training budget and provide documentation required by accounting team.
  • Primary point of contact for all trainings.
  • On-going communications and project-based communications, ie. from training participants, presenters, clients. 
  • Communicate with staff and other partners, event details, pre-training assignments, schedules or course changes, reminders about upcoming trainings.  
  • Provide timely response and communication for all Mosaic Georgia training programs.

Curriculum & Materials

  • Work with subject matter experts to ensure curriculum meets all requirements for state or national standards, CEUs.
  • Ensure presentations & printed materials are developed with broad scope of learners in mind.
  • Manage and update database of presenters to be used in training programs. 

Training Delivery

  • Serve as facilitator or speaker in sessions as necessary.
  • Develop new training modalities on-line and remote teaching as practical.

Advertising & Promotion

  • Develop and implement effective outreach and recruitment strategies to cultivate interest and participation in Mosaic Georgia training programs. Coordinate with other outreach initiatives throughout the organization.
  • Ensure website is up-to-date with latest information.
  • Track inquiries and requests for each training.  
  • Compile list of interested participants for each training. 

SANE/SAFE Trainees

  • Maintain all student files and documentation including compilation of all program evaluation reports.
  • Follow up on preceptor requirements with each student who completes the SANE-A or SANE-P didactic course.
  • Provide certificates of completion when all requirements are met.
  • Coordinate cohort communication vehicle for ongoing SANE mentorship and support.

Program Evaluation & Reporting

  • Compile all training program evaluations in a timely manner. Forward aggregate evaluation data and compilation reports to the Executive Director and appropriate programmatic director.
  • Maintain all Mosaic Georgia statistical data service reports as it pertains to Mosaic Georgia training programs. Assist in the preparation and submittal of bi-annual and annual report data as it may pertain to federal funding.

As with all other Mosaic Georgia staff positions, the Training Coordinator will provide all services and/or assistance to ensure timely, efficient and professional services to Mosaic Georgia clients, families, staff and the public. The Training Coordinator will further perform in a manner that responsibly provides for a safe and healthy environment for all participants.

Qualifications & Requirements

Key Competencies:

  1. Attention to detail, exceptional organization skills, and adaptability to work independently and effectively in a human services office climate.
  2. Excellent ability to communicate directly with kindness and tact both orally and in writing.
  3. Comfortable speaking about issues of sexual abuse and harm including medical, emotional, and legal issues.
  4. Ability to receive direction from multiple people and prioritize tasks and projects with team-oriented culture.
  5. Flexibility and adaptability as circumstances require.
  6. Strong computer skills using Microsoft systems, and a strong command of all Outlook Office applications especially PowerPoint, Excel and multimedia formats.
  7. Advanced technology skills to perform multi-media program development, audio/video files, graphics.
  8. Ability to create environments for attendees that are comfortable and conducive for adult learning styles.
  9. Sensitivity and ability to relate professionally and confidentially with people who experienced sexual abuse/violence.

Education:  Degree in Communications, adult education, human services (preferably studies in nursing, psychology, education, social or behavioral sciences, criminal justice, or related field) preferred.  Formal education may be substituted with advanced professional training coordination experience.  

This is an exempt full-time grant-funded position.  Salary in $40,000s based on experience and qualifications.  Full benefits include health, dental, life, long-term disability insurance, vacation, and employer-matched SIMPLE IRA.  

Candidate must successfully complete a criminal background check, have reliable transportation, and be able to move boxes weighing up to 40 pounds.

It is the policy of Mosaic Georgia, Inc. not to discriminate against any applicant on the basis of race, ethnicity, age, religion or creed, sexual orientation, sex, national origin, legally protected disabilities or veteran status.

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