Executive Director

Washington D.C.
Dec 06, 2018
Jan 05, 2019
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Full Time
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Date Posted: December 6, 2018

Executive Director Position Announcement

Purpose of Position: The Executive Director will ensure that the systems and processes in place continue to operate well. This position gives strategic direction, encouragement and coaching to All Souls Church staff to work together towards the fulfillment of the mission and vision of the church. We’re looking for someone with nonprofit/church experience, who is in their sweet spot as a high-caliber facilitative leader with robust business acumen to fulfill the fiduciary, human resource and operational management of this historic and large church in the Nation’s Capital. As we deepen our actions and understanding of white supremacy and intersectional oppressions, we are looking for an Executive Director who is compelled to work where their values are aligned.

Reports to: The Board of Trustees

Principal Responsibilities:

Operations and Financial Duties

Ensuring the operational readiness of the church in the areas of administration, finance, human resources, risk management and facilities management.

  • Develop yearly budgets in partnership with appropriate congregational designees
  • Plan and implement annual fund development goals and capital campaigns as needed Manage a diverse financial portfolio with lay leaders
  • Manage cash flow, analyze financial position, provide monthly analysis and reports
  • Manage the policies and day-to day financial, payroll and benefits
  • Plan and managing large and small building projects
  • Create operational policies to protect the assets and security of the staff, congregants and building
  • Provide oversight and create operational policies and procedures to implement Board Policies that are aligned with governance policies and bylaws
  • Develop and maintain efficient, effective, operational systems and procedures that sustain a multicultural multiracial staff and congregation
  • Serve to ensure accurate and meaningful internal and external communication
  • Participate in and facilitate meetings
  • Using concepts and theories from organization development, church culture change and systems thinking and design: Plan and implement programs and systems within the context of rapid and long-term institutional growth and change
  • Manage and lead facility operations, working with contractors and staff to maintain the integrity of this historical site

  Personnel Management / Human Resources

  • Supervises: Financial Controller, Director of Communications and Members Service; Facilities Manager; Office Manager, contract accountants; other vendors and contractors
  • Coordinate staff development, training and in particular multicultural, multiracial training
  • Work collaboratively with the Senior Minister to develop human resource policies and expectations for the entire staff and provide coaching and support to the program staff as needed
  • Manage all Human Resources and benefits
  • Create a team culture of life-long learning, humility, integrity, innovation and synergy
  • Create program plans in partnership with the Senior Minister in order to complete annual performance evaluation of ministers and program staff. 


  • Supports congregational activities and life
  • Serves on various working groups





What kind of person are we looking for?  Someone who…                                      

  • Has demonstrated an ability to coach and develop people 
  • Has a high capacity for work, is a self-starter and solution oriented 
  • Gets excited about implementing a strategic plan to accomplish vision 
  • Has experience with organizational development and loves it 
  • Knows who they are
  • Loves to laugh (even at themselves) 
  • Loves talking to people
  • Is loyal and honest 
  • Is able to maintain a balance between family, work and personal wellness 
  • Has a personal orientation towards action 
  • Will demonstrate spiritual and emotional maturity in words, actions, and relationships
  • Has the ability to model healthy interactions of engagement – giving and receiving feedback and resolving conflict
  • Has the capacity to inspire and enable others to reach their calling and grow in their personal lives and ministries
  • Enjoys problem solving, sharing that responsibility with the staff and congregation
  • When expressing criticism, also suggests constructive alternatives 
  • Loves working with a team and seeing the team excel 
  • Is intentional about being generous with their time and resources 
  • Is comfortable working in a fluid and diverse environment 
  • Is dedicated in action to equity and in particular to building a multicultural and multiracial community
  • Feels comfortable having a meeting at the coffee shop, pub or in the office 
  • Doesn’t accept the status quo 
  • Is able to delegate to others 
  • Will admit their mistakes and own them 
  • Manages conflict with ease, maturity and honesty
  • Loves All Souls and wants to see the congregation succeed in fulfilling her mission

Required Qualifications

  • 7-10 years of leading a business and/or mid-size nonprofit with a budget over $2M
  • Experience Supervising a staff of 10-15

All Souls Church is dedicated to promoting diversity, multiculturalism, and equity. We are fully focused on equality and believe deeply in diversity of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, national origin and all the other fascinating characteristics that make us different. Please apply if you’re looking for a great place to work. Salary and benefits package is competitive and commensurate with experience.

 Apply: Send your resume, a cover letter and leadership philosophy/covenant to: allsoulsdcsearch@gmail.com