Finance Director

Marietta, Georgia
Dec 05, 2018
Jan 04, 2019
Finance Director
Job Function
Accounting / Finance
Focus Areas
Human Services
Position Type
Full Time
Degree Level
Willingness to Travel
up to 25%
Experience Level

Purpose:  Oversee day-to-day financial, accounting, and reporting activities for the organization and its affiliates.  Involved in supporting presentations to the Board, Finance, Audit, and other Committees and will work closely with the executive and management teams. 

Responsible for accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and grants administration.  Ensure the organization has systems and procedures in place to support effective program implementation and conduct flawless audits.  Work closely with program leaders and their staffs, not only to educate them regarding finance and accounting procedures, but also to explore how the finance function can support program operations.

Maintain Human Resources information and files and coordinate with the IT contractor to ensure the technology needs of the organization are met.

Major Duties:

  1. Oversee all accounts, ledgers, and reporting systems, ensuring compliance with appropriate GAAP standards and regulatory requirements.
  2. Maintain internal control and safeguards all assets and communicates with executive staff any issues or concerns regarding cash, property, security or internal controls.
  3. Prepares accurate and timely financial statements and reports for internal Board, Committees and external reporting agencies.  Prepares timely reconciliations on all bank accounts and rent rolls.
  4. Maintain daily balance of cash available in the operating and payroll accounts.  Advise CEO and CFR of potential shortfalls in cash. Ensures payroll is processed timely and accurately.  Maintains all payroll and personnel records.  Oversees and enforces personnel policies and procedures.
  5. Prepares all billing for grantors and maintains all required documentation, as defined by each grantor.
  6. Projects and monitors cash flow, ensuring cash balances are adequate to meet all payroll and vendor obligations timely.
  7. Prepares and maintains annual budget.
  8. Coordinates annual external and grantor audits. Prepares all needed information and filings by all outside regulatory agencies.
  9. Supervises finance staff.

Minimum Qualifications:

Education:    Bachelors Degree from College or University in accounting or related field

Experience:   Minimum four years accounting and management experience

Skills:           Knowledge of budgeting principals and techniques.  Excellent writing skills, spreadsheet skills, and grant interpretation.  Experience with personal computers, Excel, Peachtree Accounting and related accounting software.  Excellent organizational and supervisory skills.  Ability to prioritize multiple tasks.  Ability to interpret and follow federal and state regulation, as necessary.   


Given: Supervises Accounting Clerk                           

Received:      President and Chief Executive Officer                        


Internal:        Two-way communication with the CEO to receive directions, instructions, and information to facilitate job responsibilities; with management staff to provide feedback on program status and funding issues; and with all other personnel to assist in supervision to make them aware of all management and program issues which effect them.

External:       Effectively interact with local, state, and federal agencies to promote organization’s mission, programs, and policies/procedures; demonstrates awareness the job exists to effectively serve the population which is targeted by the organization’s programs; and at every opportunity works to achieve increased public understanding for the organization.


Physical:       Sit and type over extended periods.  Stand for extended periods for copying or filing information.  Occasionally lift small to medium sized boxes.                                

Mental:         Performs extensive analytical functions.  Must be able to work in detail while still comprehending the big picture.  Understand cause and effect relationships between program areas and the potential financial impact on the organization.                       

Emotional:    Must be able to deal with interruptions and to multi-task work.  Deal effectively with staff and management to build consensus on a variety of issues.         


The security of the organization’s assets is the primary responsibility of this position.  The reputation of the organization as well as its ability to grow can be limited or compromised if the duties of this position are not adequately performed. 

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