Part-time Administrative Assistant, paid hourly, work at home

Work at home and within accessible reach of our members from Pacific Palisades to Pasadena
Jan 07, 2018
Feb 06, 2018
Position Type
Part Time
Willingness to Travel
Not willing to travel
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Administrative Assistant Position for Las Madrinas

The Administrative Assistant (A.A.) provides administrative support to members of Las Madrinas and is paid monthly for the hourly fees she incurs. The A.A. requests two weeks notice for her services, but is flexible to work around emergencies if and when they arise.

The A.A. support primarily involves managing the Las Madrinas database by entering information into the database and generating reports from the database. The A.A. will be fully trained in its use and supported by Simetra, the company that maintains the database. A good working knowledge of Excel is all that is required to interact with the database.

The database stores information on all of the members, Ball guests, Debutantes, their families and all donors. It is very important that the database be kept up-to-date and accurate. The database is capable of generating 62 different reports that sort information in meaningful ways. Confidentiality with member and donor information is of the utmost importance!

In addition, the A.A. is available to format and print letters, attachments, mailing labels, etc.

The A.A. does not sign letters, address envelopes, or collate mailings. These are the jobs of the Board and committee members.

The A.A. will also handle occasional informational updates to our website (e.g. calendar changes, new forms, etc.).  The A.A. will be fully trained by our web developers, who will provide on-going support as needed.

Technical skills required for this position: working knowledge of Excel, Word and Mail Merge.

There is potential for future increases to the duties of the A.A., if interested.  These duties might include assisting the Treasurer with data entry into QuickBooks on-line.

The A.A. provides a monthly bill to the Vice President which indicates the activity, the committee for which it was completed and the time spent.

Hourly wage: $35

Hours last year: 121.5

2017 Hours By month:

December 2016 – 13.5

Jan -15 hours

February - 18 hours

March - 5 hours 

April/May - 17 hours

June- 11 hours

July/Aug - 10.5 hours

Sept - 14 hours

October - 10.5 hours

Nov - 10.5 hours

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