Executive Director

Immaculate Heart Community
Los Angeles, California
Sep 10, 2017
Oct 10, 2017
Position Type
Full Time
Degree Level
Willingness to Travel
50 - 75%
Experience Level

Executive Director: Immaculate Heart Community

As a faith-based community comprising both current/former religious and lay members, Immaculate Heart Community (IHC) is a multi-program social service provider in Southern California with a mission of social justice and wide public benefit to the disenfranchised members of society. IHC operates five ministries and works with a broad range of individuals and organizations to identify and mobilize solutions to address the community's most critical issues. IHC professional staff and volunteers work to advance the common good and to improve the lives of those who need assistance. Immaculate Heart Community is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is not affiliated with any particular religious denomination.

The story of the Immaculate Heart Community today is a celebration of heart, soul, and integrity. In the 1970s, the Community made an historic transformation to become an inclusive, ecumenical “community without walls” made up of women and men, single and married, without regard to sexual orientation, and from several Christian denominations. Members come from many fields including education, social work, law, parish ministry, the arts, healthcare, and administration of public and non-profit organizations.

About the Position:

The Board of Trustees, professional staff, and key stakeholders have identified significant leadership opportunities that exist for IHC to further align its internal systems with plans, while refining its broader community impact strategies. It is poised to conduct a strategic planning process and develop explicit operational plans that have wide buy-in. With strong financial fundamentals, a proud historic tradition of service, and a profound dedication by all members for the betterment of humanity, the new executive will have an opportunity to help refine the organization’s focus for optimal community impact and sustainability.

TITLE: Executive Director

HOURS PER WEEK: 40 hours/Exempt

ACCOUNTABLE TO: IHC Board of Trustees

Job Summary:

Reporting to the Board of Trustees, the Executive Director is responsible for overall management, fundraising, accountability, and administration of the IHC to ensure the organization achieves its goals, according to board approved policies and procedures. The ED directs and manages all organization matters of the Immaculate Heart Community and its Core Ministries in achieving its mission and goals as currently defined.

Specific Traits, Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Demonstrates a passion and commitment for the mission, ministries, and core values of the Immaculate Heart Community
  2. Creates a culture of enthusiasm and energetic commitment to the mission of IHC; promotes and supports the attitude, behavior, knowledge and skills necessary to work respectfully and effectively with each other
  3. Directs the administrative and management functions of the organization ensuring adequate operating policies, delegating responsibility and establishing a formal means of accountability
  4. Works closely with the Board of Trustees and all related committees and implements the policies established by the Trustees
  5. Leads the effort along with the Board of Trustees to develop a comprehensive Strategic Plan, and operates consistently with the plan
  6. Ensures compliance with all state/county laws and regulations
  7. Directly supervises the Ministries’ Directors, Controller, HR Manager/Director, LA Fundraiser, Administrative Assistant, contractor(s) and other senior staff as approved within budgetary constraints
  8. Ensures IHCs performance and quality improvement plan Ensures adequate risk management program within budgetary constraints
  9. Oversees Human Resource functions including employee relations, up-to-date job descriptions, performance review standards and procedures, salary administration program and benefits.
  10. Ensures compliance with all local, State and Federal laws related to employees of 501 (c)(3) organizations
  11. Leads the effort with each Ministry Director/Manager to develop their annual operating plan (consistent with the Strategic Plan), which serves as the rationale for their proposed annual budget.
  12. Work Plans and budgets are submitted to the Finance Committee for review and forwarded to the Board of Trustees for approval and then to the annual Community Assembly for affirmation
  13. Provides support to the President and Vice President within the scope of their roles in the Community
  14. Works closely with the Controller and Treasurer, including development of budgets, oversight of audit and 990 forms; review of investments and all financial matters including legal process for estates as needed.
  15. Attends Finance and other key Committee meetings
  16. Oversees Resource Development function, including optimizing website to appeal to donors; oversees preparation of fundraising materials
  17. Works collaboratively with Board Chair and attends Board meetings as a non-voting participant
  18. Travels as necessary to various program sites
  19. Attends all meetings of the IHC Board of Trustees and submits regular reports relating to the financial and ministries’ operations
  20. Ensures that the physical maintenance of all facilities is in good and operating condition
  21. Responsible to maintain policies and procedures designed to ensure the continued fiscal viability of IHC, which includes maximizing available funding sources and generating new ones

Qualifications and Skill Set:

  1. A Master’s degree from an accredited college or university in a field related to IHC mission and services (educational qualifications may be waived depending on work history)
  2. Eight to ten years of experience in senior administration with knowledge or experience in the Human Services field, with a minimum of three years of experience as Executive Director (or equivalent)
  3. The ability to work effectively and proactively with a complex organization with diverse programs in multiple sites
  4. Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills in order to effectively communicate and work with individuals at varied levels and backgrounds.
  5. Demonstrated cultural sensitivity
  6. Demonstrated collaborative leadership style

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