Decatur Legacy Project

About Decatur Legacy Project

Founded as the Decatur Legacy Project in 2015 to facilitate the planning, community engagement, and fundraising efforts associated with the City's 2023 bicentennial celebrations, Legacy Decatur has since broadened its ambitions and, with them, its focus.  Today, the organization cultivates a broadly-defined, tangible legacy for future generations -- reinforcing community values through partnerships and programs that support the City of Decatur.  In 2020, Legacy Decatur entered into a management agreement with the City of Decatur to manage the operations, leasing and development of Decatur Legacy Park.  This 77 acre site was acquired by the City of Decatur in 2017 from the United Methodist Children's Home and includes 34 historic buildings, recreational facilities, a lake, trail system and conservation area.   The community's master plan for the property envisions a variety of uses including an arts center, artist studio space, non-profit resource center and office space, recreation and conservation programs, environmental education programs, summer camps and after school programs and a range of affordable housing opportunities.  Our job is to bring this vision to reality and create a unique community focused space for all to enjoy.

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