Georgia Center for Oncology Research and Education (Georgia CORE)

About Georgia Center for Oncology Research and Education (Georgia CORE)

The Georgia Center for Oncology Research and Education was created in 2010 to advance cancer care through partnerships and innovation. Collaboration orchestrated by Georgia CORE unites collective efforts in cancer care to improve quality of care for patients and quality of life for survivors. Led by a board of directors of experts from cancer centers, public health organizations and academic institutions, the public-private partnership increases access to clinical research and promising treatments; connects survivors, caregivers and navigators to valuable resources; and reduces disparities to improve equity of cancer care. Its website,, is the only statewide online information center of its kind, where details can be found on oncologists, clinical trials, treatment centers and survivorship resources throughout Georgia.  Georgia CORE's programs are funded by the Georgia Department of Public Health, National Cancer Institute, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Georgia Department of Community Health, private foundations and philanthropy.

Advancing Care Through Partnerships and Innovation

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