About AchieveMission

We believe in creating a more just and equitable world and bringing the full talents of our society to bear on the pressing challenges we face as a country, and as a global community. We help our clients transform beliefs, behaviors, systems, policies and practices that keep their staff from sharing their best talents and effort. In our work we listen, build relationships, facilitate essential conversations, and generate alignment that drives decisions, mobilizes resources, and enables leadership at all levels. As a thought leader, we adopt, hone and promote practices from the corporate, nonprofit and public sectors, as well as create and share innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

We are a nonprofit consulting firm dedicated to transforming the leadership and management of social sector organizations to realize deep partnership and achieve mission. We probe challenges, create new approaches and serve as thought-partners to both our clients and each other. We are fueled by trust, accountability, agility and collaboration. Growing and developing our team is central to our work - we learn through mistakes, feedback and coaching. We care about and respect each other. We believe that we all have something important to contribute to the team and our work.

Our Commitment to Race Equity and Intersectionality

Race Equity with an intersectional approach is one of our three strategic pillars; we bring this equity lens to all that we do. Our staff’s skill in this domain helps us transform behaviors, systems, policies and practices that perpetuate structural inequalities in management and leadership across our workplaces and in our communities. With our partners, and internally, we are committed to surfacing tough challenges around race equity, bias and discrimination, and we identify and facilitate ways to shift mindsets and behaviors.

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