Pacific Forest Trust

About Pacific Forest Trust

Wood, water, wildlife, and wonder.  Pacific Forest Trust delivers landscape-scale private forest conservation in the West and develops innovative incentives for forest conservation at the national level. PFT works to conserve irreplaceable private forest landscapes and secure the vital forest resources on which we all depend. We do so in ways that reward private landowners, boost local economies, and restore resilient forest ecosystems. PFT has pioneered payments for ecosystem services in multiple ways, from climate, water, and energy policy, to carbon markets, to working forest conservation easements and regulatory efficiencies.

PFT has conserved 265,000 acres regionally, and developed, acquired, and stewarded conservation easements on 100,000 acres of forestland in California and Oregon. We also manage 12,000 acres for timber, water, climate, and habitat values. Our projects are outstanding not only for their scale, but for their landscape impacts and high standards for delivering multiple public benefits.

Headquartered in the verdant Presidio of San Francisco, PFT has a satellite office in Sacramento, CA, and plans to open one in Portland, OR. PFT has a collegial environment filled with bright minds that generate groundbreaking ideas and work hard to implement them.

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