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History and Mission

In June 2013, the Atlanta City Council approved Mayor Reed’s creation of a new nonprofit to manage the Atlanta continuum of care for homeless services. In 2014 Partners for HOME incorporated and opened its offices in the Atlanta City Hall with the mandate to administer the local HUD CoC grant and lead the City’s coordinated strategy on homelessness, as set forth by Atlanta’s Continuum of Care Governing Council and member agencies.

The shape of Partners for HOME governance structure and the decision to create a nonprofit was determined to be the best fit for Atlanta because it provides more flexibility for layering public and private resources. Given the tremendous support from civil, corporate, philanthropic, and faith partners, creating an independent agency to steward resources with accountability and transparency, was celebrated as a crucial next step in Atlanta’s effort to prevent and end homelessness.

We have one mission: making homelessness rare, brief and nonrecurring in Atlanta. This work is not done alone, but in collaboration with many valued stakeholders throughout the city.

“This is a pivotal time for the Atlanta community as there are so many people coming together – public and private funders, service providers and public officials, all working in agreement to enact our strategic plan to end chronic, veteran, family and youth homelessness. By creating a coordinated crisis response system across metro Atlanta, we are poised to make homelessness rare and brief.”

Cathryn Marchman, MSW, Esq.,
Executive Director, Partners for Home

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