Yleana Leadership Academy

About Yleana Leadership Academy

What is Yleana? We take pride in serving rising high school seniors from underserved urban areas as part of our mission to close the achievement gap through a three-week transformative summer SAT experience on a college campus. We are part college experience, part summer camp, part intense SAT training, and part leadership academy.

Our students are all low-income, and the majority are first generation students of color. All of our students attend on full scholarship and describe Yleana as one of the most transformative experiences they have had - they return to their schools with a renewed dedication to their education and the real sense that they can succeed in whatever they choose to do in life.  

Yleana at its best is made up of people who are constantly generating new and better ways to do things, drawing on what they have seen, read, and experienced, who replace “I can’t do that” with “Let’s make it happen." We prefer staff who can improvise, who are creative, who approach problems in unexpected ways, and who generally understand how to communicate to diverse groups of administrators, partner organizations (high schools and CBOs), principals, students, parents, and board members.

Working at Yleana is an incredibly meaningful experience. In 2017, our average score improvement on the SAT in a 3-week period was 160-180 points, and that means historically underrepresented kids having more money, more options, and sometimes a free ride to college! To get a feel for the Yleana experience, check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzrQK.

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