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About GCN Executive Search

GCN's Nonprofit Consulting Group provides you with the expertise and insight you need to solve your most difficult challenges. We have unmatched insight into what it takes to manage, scale, and sustain high-performing organizations and teams. By arming sector leaders with high-performance practices, combined with our extensive knowledge of the nonprofit environment, we are helping nonprofits and philanthropies change what’s achievable in social impact.

We have deep focus in areas critical to your success.

  • Facilitating strategy development and strategic planning
  • Guiding succession plans and executive transitions
  • Strengthening governance and board impact
  • Empowering and catalyzing resource development

We have extensive experience in communities and causes across Georgia.

Designing coalitions of nonprofits is integral to our work strengthening and expanding their impact on communities.Whether for urban or rural nonprofits, our expertise includes health, social services, education, arts, and the environment, as well as corporate social responsibility.  

We help you maximize your impact. We teach you how to amplify your results and increase your effectiveness. Our approach is tailored to help you maximize your impact on an ever-changing world. We apply a variety of strategic planning approaches as options in the planning process so you will walk away with a comprehensive map aligning your goals and strategies with the everyday work of your organization.

We help you evolve.

We take a partnership approach with our clients, supporting their growth with solutions and guidance that meet their evolving needs and challenges.

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