South Fulton Institute

About South Fulton Institute

The South Fulton Institute is a regional catalyst for the advancement of the arts, culture, and environment that enriches lives and communities. The South Fulton Institute envisions a sustainable, abundant community that is artistically vibrant, culturally engaged and environmentally conscious.


We seek to create an artistic environment that models humanity, is socially just, is reflective of, and celebrates the regional diversity of the Southeastern United States and our increasingly global community.

By actively refuting any notions of inequity and inequality, we seek to decenter whiteness, patriarchy, ableism, binary gender constructs, and other tools of systemic oppression. We acknowledge and honor the identities and lived experiences of our stakeholders and those we serve.

Therefore, we invest the appropriate time, money, care, and respect necessary to reflect and respect the value of the stories we choose to tell, as well as the people involved in telling them.

We commit to remaining mindful about how our art fits in the current and ever-changing socio-political landscape and we will reevaluate our work at the end of every season to ensure that our art is authentically serving our community.

As such, we commit to programming that ignites courageous conversations and transcends barriers to human connection.

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