Food Well Alliance

About Food Well Alliance

Food Well Alliance envisions a livable, resilient Metro Atlanta growing, sharing and eating healthy, local food. Our success is driven by collaboration, working with organizations and individuals to create thriving communities with measurable environmental, economic, community and health impacts. As an Alliance, we unite communities in Atlanta to build a robust local food system - a network of individuals and organizations that grow, process, distribute, consume and recover fresh local food.

Food Well Alliance operates in ways that are equitable, collaborative and transparent to:

  • Identify, invest in and promote innovative ways to strengthen the local food system and how it is valued
  • Connect people, ideas, and capital to strengthen local urban growers and markets, to increase production of sustainably grown, local food and access to local compost  

We accomplish this work in three ways: facilitating collaboration, mobilizing capital and promoting innovation across the diverse local food movement in Metro Atlanta.

As a convener, Food Well Alliance brings together diverse organizations to learn from one another and develop, a shared understanding of needs and opportunities to build greater collaboration across the local food system. We inspire collaboration and co-innovation by providing Design Facilitation to solve local food problems and increase the capacity of local food movement leaders.  

As a grantmaker, Food Well Alliance mobilizes capital by connecting diverse organizations to funding and other important resources to build their capacity and further their work to strengthen Atlanta's local food movement, including their annual Local Food Grant and the Food Innovation Fellowship, a local food business accelerator program.

As a champion for its Alliance members, Food Well Alliance promotes innovation by telling the stories and uplifting the innovative programs, practices, and work that are influencing Atlanta's local food movement.

The creation of Food Well Alliance was made possible through funding from the James M. Cox Foundation and through the vision of Jim Kennedy and Bill Bolling, the founder of the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Together, they saw an opportunity to connect members of Atlanta's local food movement to collectively build a healthier community. Food Well alliance has brought this vision to life.

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