Urgent Action Fund for Women's Human Rights

About Urgent Action Fund for Women's Human Rights

Our Mission

Urgent Action Fund partners with women’s movements worldwide to support women’s human rights defenders striving to create cultures of justice, equality and peace.

Our Values

  • Justice. We work towards a world in which all human rights, including women’s and trans people’s rights, are upheld and regarded as equal. We are committed to removing systemic barriers that WHRDs and THRDs face in their fight for justice. We apply a human rights and social justice lens to all aspects of our work by focusing on particularly marginalized groups and critically analyzing unequal power structures and how they operate.
  • Feminisms. We recognize and respect a multiplicity of feminist traditions, and affirm diverse approaches to achieving equality for all genders. We honor local wisdom and self-led activism.
    We commit to addressing challenges faced by feminist movements and human rights defenders, while holding space for authentic discussions that build our collective learning.
  • Courage. We proudly support activists who raise critical issues and work on dismantling patriarchal, racist, capitalist, and other oppressive agendas. We stand with activists and join our
    voices to theirs in philanthropic and advocacy spaces. We respond immediately to the pressing needs of activists and movements and bring gendered perspectives to all platforms.
  • Integrity. We value integrity, which includes the practices of transparency, honesty, reliability, and accountability—especially in challenging moments. We think critically and actively listen to
    grantees, donors, advisors, partners, and movement allies, with whom we build relationships based on mutual respect and trust. We learn and grow from their constructive feedback.
  • Mindful engagement. Conscious of the exploitive history and present reality of resource accumulation, we fund activists and connect them with resources in ways that upend rather
    than reinforce traditional power dynamics and empower marginalized voices. We trust the leadership of local activists and their lived resilience.
  • Wellbeing. We promote holistic care within our institution and in activist spaces. We understand that self-care is an important political tool in our ability to fight for justice. For us,
    the practice of wellbeing, both individually and collectively, is a central tenet to sustaining feminist movements.

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