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About Us

The mission of the Center for Collaborative Education (CCE) is to transform schools to ensure that all students succeed.

The Why of Our Work

Founded in 1994, CCE envisions a just and equitable world where every student is college- and career-ready and prepared to become a compassionate, thoughtful, and contributing global citizen. CCE partners with public schools and districts to create and sustain effective and equitable schools.

It's All About Educational Equity

Our staff is fueled by a passion to attain educational equity*—the creation of belief systems and educational policies, practices, and programs, necessary to:

  • Provide barrier-free cultures for any student group, particularly students within historically underserved groups, in which respect and dialogue are the norm
  • Provide equitable educational opportunities along with differentiated support and resources to ensure that every student, in all subgroups, demonstrates competency over rigorous standards for academic performance

We strive to contribute to planned, systemic strategies that focus on the core of the teaching and learning process (curriculum, instruction, assessment, and culture). We believe that equity encompasses an ongoing process of examination of data, inquiry, action, and reflection. We aspire to be, and develop, leaders who communicate and act upon an equity belief system to create equity-driven schools.

* Adapted from “Educational Equity Defined” by Barbara Bitters

Our Impact

Through our four strategic program areas, CCE drives our mission forward with a number of student-centered initiatives nationwide. Here's just a sample of the ways we're making an impact in our communities:

We're supporting Massachusetts educators through the Essex County Learning Community, providing professional learning focused on creating equitable learning opportunities for students with learning differences.

We're engaging with legislators, school districts, and teachers across the state to move the Massachusetts Consortium for Innovative Education Assessment forward in the hopes of providing engaging, equitable alternatives to standardized tests.

We're working with the New Hampshire Department of Education to bring Quality Performance Assessments to New Hampshire in place of standardized tests. These assessments complement students' day-to-day work and support deeper learning.

We're giving future teachers and leaders the tools they need to close the achievement gap in Los Angeles public schools and improve instructional quality with the Los Angeles Urban Teachers Residency and Los Angeles New Administrators Program.

We conduct research to inform the work of educators, policy makers, and our communities in our ongoing effort to address achievement gaps and catalyze change. We publish our findings on CCE's Publications page.

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    The Center for Collaborative Education seeks a Program Manager to support the Community Partnerships for Teacher Pipeline (CPTP) project. CPTP is a...