PAD Initiative

236 Forsyth Street SW Suite 500

PAD is an independent non-profit that works to reduce arrest and incarceration of people experiencing extreme poverty, problematic substance use, or mental health concerns, and increase the accessibility of supportive services in Atlanta and Fulton County. We believe arresting and jailing people who are causing disturbances or harm as a result of survival activities doesn’t serve our communities. Instead, we connect with people as people, address their basic needs, and work with them to reduce harm to themselves and their neighbors. We believe communities are safer and healthier when people have what they need to not only survive, but to thrive.

PAD partners with the City of Atlanta to provide an alternative to criminal justice involvement through two core strategies:

1. PAD accepts community referrals through the City of Atlanta’s 311 non-emergency city services line for quality of life concerns.
2. PAD provides an immediate alternative to arrest for Atlanta Police Department and MARTA police officers who have detained someone for law violations related to mental health, substance use, or extreme poverty. In 2022, PAD will partner with the City of Atlanta, Fulton County, and Grady Hospital to convert a portion of the city jail into a 24/7 diversion center. 

Join us as we foster a new approach to community safety and wellness by engaging in creative problem-solving to respond to community concerns, and addressing people’s human needs with dignity, patience and care.

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