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3Keys, Inc.


We believe homelessness in Atlanta can be solved.

3Keys exists for a single purpose: to end chronic homelessness. With early support from private citizens and from former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, we were founded to enable the homeless to achieve dignity and self-sufficiency while living with and treating their mental illness.

3Keys meets people wherever they are and accepts them as they are. Our work is rooted in the Housing First movement, an evidence-based approach focused on creating stability for those with mental illness. We provide permanent housing options through a mix of single site and scattered site residences, all providing integrated supportive services. Our goal:  help people transition from the streets and shelters into a stable, hopeful, independent life. 

Making An Impact

With the help of many, we’re making important progress in providing housing, help, and hope to this vulnerable population. As the largest housing voucher holder for the city of Atlanta, we’ve seen drastic reduction in the chronically homeless population since our founding in 1988. Our public / private partnerships have enabled continuous improvement of our properties, with  $18.2 million invested in over a 10 year period.

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