How We Hire

  • Get a better handle on hiring
    How to give your selection process a dependable structure, and see your chances of hiring the right candidate improve by as much as 55 percent—or more.
  • What makes a successful staffer at an organization serving populations worldwide? The Fund for Global Human Rights looks for flexibility, passion, commitment—and a good fit for their culture of kindness and collaboration.
  • At the national headquarters of Boys & Girls Clubs of America, the organization’s Senior Talent Acquisition Strategist looks for job candidates with the flexibility to succeed in a quick-moving, always-adapting enterprise, and the values to uphold organizational standards of integrity, accountabi...
  • Doing your homework, articulating your commitment, and a few other tips for making a positive impression from the Chief People Officer at KIPP New Jersey, where staffers count freedom, professional development, and a celebration billed “The Best Night of Your Life!” among the benefits.
  • A faith-based organization with an entrepreneurial approach to fighting poverty looks for people with kindness, flexibility, and enthusiasm, then rewards them with the same.
  • National 4-H Council, the nonprofit fundraising and marketing partner of the nation’s largest youth development organization, has committed itself to building the best workplace possible, with a board of directors just as interested in employee engagement as its Senior Vice President, Talent and ...