How I Work

  • [How I Work] Connecting the dots with students, staff, and a new Chicago office
    It’s a challenge managing a network of school partnerships for the D.C. metro public school system – add a second city, and this complex job can get considerably more involved.
  • Facilitating simulated space missions isn’t just a job—it’s an adventure. Find out what it takes to be Lead Flight Director at the Challenger Learning Center-St. Louis, and the rewards of a teaching position that takes students beyond the classroom.
  • At The Samfund, Chief Operations Officer means balancing the long view and the day-to-day—making sure programs are efficient and effective, collaborating with the team on strategy, and figuring out how to help even more people overcome the financial aftermath of cancer treatment.
  • At an organization raising funds for kids through not one, but two, annual bicycle races—involving a total of 255 miles and 575 cyclists—it takes sensitive leadership and hawk-eyed attention to detail to be Bike Tour Director and Producer.
  • Being the Associate Director of Education at a children’s theater is a matter of developing curricula, prepping artists to become teachers, and writing material for both in-class programs and on-stage performances.
  • When you’re a Service and Volunteerism Manager, you’re not just responsible for directing the volunteer experience, but for understanding departmental needs, building cross-sector relationships, and even managing grants.
  • Lauren Banta Holloway has been serving as Associate Director, Individual Giving for the North Texas Food Bank since 2013, helping raise the annual budget ($19.6 million in 2016) that funds Food Bank operations. We spoke to her over the phone from her Dallas offices.