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    How to give your selection process a dependable structure, and see your chances of hiring the right candidate improve by as much as 55 percent—or more.
  • Top takeaways from the structured, step-by-step hiring model used by one of Atlanta’s top recruiters for nonprofit and for-profit companies.
  • What makes a successful staffer at an organization serving populations worldwide? The Fund for Global Human Rights looks for flexibility, passion, commitment—and a good fit for their culture of kindness and collaboration.
  • Beth Kanter,an internationally-acclaimed trainer, speaker, and author, most recently of The Happy Healthy Nonprofit has tips on better self-care, just in time for the hectic holidays.
  • Author and coach John C. Maxwell asserts that "leadership is influence": influence on your team, your peers, and, ultimately, on your organization. But how do you gain influence? Maxwell’s 5 Levels of Leadership outlines a step-by-step guide to follow.
  • Congratulations, you've been promoted into a management role. So, what happens next? Just because you have the new job title doesn't always mean you're ready to be an effective leader. Here, Work for Good CEO Karen Beavor shares 7 mental shifts you need to make in order to conquer a tricky career...
  • At the national headquarters of Boys & Girls Clubs of America, the organization’s Senior Talent Acquisition Strategist looks for job candidates with the flexibility to succeed in a quick-moving, always-adapting enterprise, and the values to uphold organizational standards of integrity, accountabi...
  • Because recruitment has never been more challenging, it pays to invest time and research in developing an employer brand that inspires candidates—and takes back the narrative from online agitators.
  • Doing your homework, articulating your commitment, and a few other tips for making a positive impression from the Chief People Officer at KIPP New Jersey, where staffers count freedom, professional development, and a celebration billed “The Best Night of Your Life!” among the benefits.
  • The Millennial generation is showing up in the workforce with very different expectations—and at the same time shining a light on what the future of work is going to look like. Find out why you should invest in a culture that’s digital, clear, fluid, and fast, and what those qualities look like i...
  • A faith-based organization with an entrepreneurial approach to fighting poverty looks for people with kindness, flexibility, and enthusiasm, then rewards them with the same.
  • Consider yourself inspiring? Don’t be afraid to get profound. Got a strong sense of humor? Feel free to crack wise. Build your reputation online, taking the lead of social media guru Beth Kanter.
  • National 4-H Council, the nonprofit fundraising and marketing partner of the nation’s largest youth development organization, has committed itself to building the best workplace possible, with a board of directors just as interested in employee engagement as its Senior Vice President, Talent and ...
  • Social media provides an easy connection—and in some cases, instant interaction—with other leaders in your field. Start a conversation: it’s fast and effective, especially with help from guru Beth Kanter.