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  • Employer resources: Guides, tools, and sources we trust

    • Dec 22, 2022

    The volume of advice for employers – heck, for hiring managers alone – can be overwhelming. To help, we’ve curated this list of articles from Work for Good and other sources we trust for the multi-faceted arts of hiring, retention, and management.

  • A step-by-step guide to screening applicants with an AI assist

    • Nov 27, 2023
    • Marc Schultz

    If the “hiring manager” hat isn't one that you've broken in yet, check out this guide to the application screening process – along with instructions for a time-saving assist from AI.

  • Effective job postings: 4 DOs and 4 DON’Ts

    • Nov 13, 2023
    • Chelle Shell

    To help you improve your postings, we've compiled a list of DOs and DON'Ts for a compelling description – all based in what we’ve seen work, time and again, for our Work for Good clients.

  • Mental health resources for supporting employees

    • Oct 2, 2023
    • Marc Schultz

    Leaders and managers have a major role to play in supporting their coworkers’ mental health, especially in the area of workplace culture.

  • Our 5 best tips for managing remotely

    • Sep 5, 2023
    • The Management Center Knowledge Team

    Managing a remote team can be daunting. Check out these best practices for getting results while taking care of your people.

  • Recruiting right now: Strategize your talent acquisition

    • Aug 15, 2023
    • UST

    Filling vacancies without a plan could increase employee turnover just as you’re rebuilding. Consider these four steps for recruiting in a post-COVID world.

  • What your return-to-office plans need

    • Jul 25, 2023
    • Marc Schultz

    How can you get people back to the office thoughtfully, with respect for everything we’ve learned about employee needs and abilities over the past three years? To answer that, we’ve pulled together advice from some of our favorite sources.

  • Management lessons from Ted Lasso: The importance of clear goals and positive feedback

    • Jun 20, 2023
    • Chidiebere Ogbonnaya

    Even good managers like Lasso must sometimes choose between pursuing results and protecting team well-being. So how can we deliver ambitious targets without putting people’s well-being at risk?

  • Making professional development happen (for your people and your nonprofit)

    • Mar 22, 2023
    • Marc Schultz

    According to the recent research, the top two reasons for voluntary employee turnover – “better opportunities elsewhere” and “invisible career paths” – both come down to a lack of career growth.

  • 3 leadership tips to help employees avoid burnout

    • Mar 14, 2023
    • David Mizne

    Taking lessons from the “continuous performance management” approach, you can give your people the attention, environment, and extras they need to keep up the good work.

  • 6 culture plays for better remote work

    • Jan 27, 2023
    • Maddie Grant and Jamie Notter

    Simple, actionable tips for boosting trust, togetherness, and teamwork among your people in the new online-first workplace.

  • How pay transparency pays you back

    • Jan 21, 2023
    • Marc Schultz

    The demand among jobseekers for salary ranges in job posts – and pay equity overall – has become impossible (and, in some cases, illegal) to ignore.

  • What employees expect: 3 ways to attract and retain talent

    • Jan 9, 2023
    • Kelli Karanovich

    As we emerge from the worst of the pandemic, top employees and job candidates are seeking deeper levels of transparency, equity, and flexibility from the workplace.

  • Pressure drop: How to understand and overcome stress

    • Jan 9, 2023
    • Marc Schultz

    Discover a practical approach for heading off the debilitating effects of stress, based in five proven EQ competencies, with ways to put them into action.

  • What we're reading: Hiring Insight October 2022

    • Oct 11, 2022
    • Marc Schultz

    New stories for employers, covering the don'ts of interviewing, back-to-office incentives that work, and more.

  • What we're reading: Hiring Insight August 2022

    • Aug 11, 2022
    • Marc Schultz

    Recent articles for employers that caught our eye, covering reskilling, humanistic management, skills-based hiring, and more.

  • Hiring practices that need to die, and some new ones we need to adopt

    • May 27, 2022
    • Vu Le

    Why do so many organizations continue to use inequitable hiring practices?

  • Onboarding tactics for engagement, equity, and retention

    • Jul 12, 2021
    • Kelli Karanovich

    Onboarding is much more than orientation: It's a months-long process for engaging and retaining talent. But it only works if it's accessible for everyone.

  • 4 best practices for COVID-era hiring

    • Mar 26, 2021
    • Kelli Karanovich

    From developing a hiring rubric to offering candidates some grace, these steps will help you find the right hire as pandemic conditions evolve.

  • Pro tips for creating a more diverse workplace

    • Feb 25, 2021
    • Unemployment Services Trust (UST)

    “Diverse” can mean a host of different things. Unless leaders agree on what kind of diversity they're seeking, cohesion can be tricky.