Career insight

  • Doing your homework, articulating your commitment, and a few other tips for making a positive impression from the Chief People Officer at KIPP New Jersey, where staffers count freedom, professional development, and a celebration billed “The Best Night of Your Life!” among the benefits.
  • When you’re a Service and Volunteerism Manager, you’re not just responsible for directing the volunteer experience, but for understanding departmental needs, building cross-sector relationships, and even managing grants.
  • A faith-based organization with an entrepreneurial approach to fighting poverty looks for people with kindness, flexibility, and enthusiasm, then rewards them with the same.
  • You know you need a mentor, but you may not know how to get one. Don’t be daunted: Aaron Hurst, guru of the Purpose Economy, says that your next mentor is probably closer than you realize.
  • There are many reasons for seeking a mentor. Purpose Economy guru Aaron Hurst outlines four types, each answering a different set of career challenges. Which one is right for you?
  • Consider yourself inspiring? Don’t be afraid to get profound. Got a strong sense of humor? Feel free to crack wise. Build your reputation online, taking the lead of social media guru Beth Kanter.
  • National 4-H Council, the nonprofit fundraising and marketing partner of the nation’s largest youth development organization, has committed itself to building the best workplace possible, with a board of directors just as interested in employee engagement as its Senior Vice President, Talent and ...
  • Social media provides an easy connection—and in some cases, instant interaction—with other leaders in your field. Start a conversation: it’s fast and effective, especially with help from guru Beth Kanter.
  • Lauren Banta Holloway has been serving as Associate Director, Individual Giving for the North Texas Food Bank since 2013, helping raise the annual budget ($19.6 million in 2016) that funds Food Bank operations. We spoke to her over the phone from her Dallas offices.