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  • Career Insight: Our favorites of 2017

    • Jan 19, 2018

    Throughout 2017, Work for Good tapped leading HR experts and sector pros for tips on taking charge of the job hunt, acing the screening process, working smarter, and more. In this roundup of the stories that most stuck with us, you’ll find practical advice and inspiration to keep you on top of your career.

  • Four steps to a killer skills-based volunteer project

    • Dec 19, 2017
    • Jay Cranman

    Looking to showcase your talent while on the job hunt? Find a skilled volunteer opportunity – or, better yet, design one yourself for the employer you’d most like to impress, with help from this step-by-step guide by Hands On Atlanta CEO Jay Cranman.

  • Do tell: Preparing for every interviewer’s opening line

    • Dec 19, 2017
    • Alnierys Venegas

    If you’re like a lot of jobseekers, you dread the moment when someone says, “Tell me about yourself.” But have you thought about why?

  • [How We Hire] Candor, grace, initiative: What keeps Habitat building

    • Dec 14, 2017

    To keep building houses wherever they’re needed, Habitat for Humanity International requires a world of talent. Here’s what the talent-acquisition team looks for when populating that world, and how they help the much-loved organization stay effective and inspired.

  • Four times a one-page resume can hurt you

    • Nov 20, 2017
    • Jenny Foss

    Before miniaturizing your font, zeroing out your margins, or – worst of all – striking experiences that truly showcase your worth, try reconsidering the one-page resume “rule.”

  • Stand up! Getting a new perspective

    • Nov 20, 2017
    • Laura Paradise

    Whenever we’re feeling stuck or stymied, it’s almost always a matter of perspective. Here’s how to snap out of it, and meet your next challenge with energy and confidence.

  • Mindful news consumption for nonprofit pros

    • Oct 28, 2017
    • Beth Kanter

    With the 24-hour media machine supplying an endless stream of news (much of it bad) directly to our phones, the way we consume news can have a huge impact on our stress levels – and our risk of burnout.

  • [How We Hire] Finding the people to reach 200 million worldwide

    • Oct 27, 2017

    The search for talent to drive CARE USA’s transformative goals begins with Melissa Wiley, who looks for passion, curiosity, openness, and an appetite for global experience.

  • Dating tips for a successful interview

    • Oct 19, 2017
    • Chelle Shell

    You can’t hurry love – or the hiring process. Work for Good’s own Chelle Shell shows you how a job interview is like a first date, requiring patience, positivity, adaptability, and finesse.

  • A ripple, a wave, a tide: Leading change from where you are now

    • Oct 17, 2017
    • Qaadirah Abdur-Rahim

    Addressing the national YNPN conference, Future Foundation CEO Qaadirah Abdur-Rahim details six steps for taking charge of your career, and championing your cause, through uncertain times.

  • Cover letters: Upload yours now!

    • Sep 20, 2017

    You asked, we listened: Your cover letter can now be attached as a standalone document, every time you apply. Check out how (it’s easy!), and you’ll also get some must-follow cover letter tips from Nonprofit AF.

  • [How I Work] Fueling investment in a unique Native community

    • Sep 20, 2017

    With a team of just five, it takes a lot to run an operation that covers arts, housing, wellness, and more for a singularly historic, but always-evolving, urban population.

  • Creating your own growth opportunities: Answers from the YNPN National Conference

    • Sep 13, 2017

    Taking questions from a group of young nonprofit pros, two executive search experts address top employee concerns like internal advancement, compensation, and picking up new skills – also providing insight for leaders who want to keep their teams engaged.

  • 11 knockout tips to ace public speaking

    • Aug 22, 2017

    The skills that make a great public speaker can help you succeed in any face-to-face encounter, whether you’re answering questions in a job interview, onboarding new team members, or pitching your organization’s value to a prospective collaborator.

  • Foot in the door: 6 steps to make the leap from artist to manager

    • Aug 22, 2017

    Looking to break out of your bit part and take a lead role? This advice from two of South’s top performing arts nonprofits—the Alliance Theatre and Atlanta Ballet—will get you ready for the spotlight.

  • [How We Hire] Staffing a mission that helps staff the world

    • Aug 22, 2017

    With 162 organizations to support nationwide, and partners in 13 other countries, the team at Goodwill Industries International prioritizes collaborative skills and continuous learning—reflected in an intense focus on employees’ day-to-day concerns, professional development needs, and connection to the mission.

  • Career-boosting practices for purpose-driven Millennials

    • Jul 12, 2017

    These three essential steps for young nonprofit professionals will help you gain buy-in from leadership, receive appropriate compensation, and, above all, grow professionally.

  • 5 ways to screw up your cover letter (and how to fix it)

    • Jul 12, 2017

    Your cover letter can either demonstrate what you’re capable of, or raise a series of red flags. Jenny Foss, aka JobJenny, outlines some ways to avoid the most common cover letter missteps, and make a strong case for your candidacy.

  • [How We Hire] Backing up the rock stars of public health

    • Jun 20, 2017

    Staffing an operation committed to worldwide health equity means finding passionate people and taking great care of them—including trips abroad to witness the impact first-hand, and a work environment promoting togetherness in and out of the office.

  • Finding focus in an open office space

    • Jun 14, 2017

    Open office plans have clear advantages—encouraging collaboration, transparency, and creativity—but can also keep staffers from getting the solo time they need. Beth Kanter reveals how one nonprofit has designed its space and culture to promote both collaboration and focus.