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  • Jobseeker resources: Guides, services, and pros we trust

    • Nov 21, 2022

    Not everyone faces the same challenges – and the volume of advice online can be a challenge of its own. To help, we’ve curated a list of reliable sources for advice and services, including job-search guides for members of specific demographics: persons with disabilities, working parents, veterans, new graduates, and more.

  • Jobs of the week

    • Apr 10, 2024

    This week's mission-driven career opportunities include roles in Finance, Development, Events, Marketing, remote/hybrid jobs and more!

  • ​​What on-the-job professional development means (and how to ask for it)

    • Mar 25, 2024
    • Marc Schultz

    Whatever you’re looking for in your job, chances are it includes the opportunity to advance. How to get what you need? Get your employer (or prospective employer) to commit to on-the-job professional development.

  • Like a boss: Your role in the new leadership model

    • Mar 12, 2024
    • Mary Hughes

    Today, everyone needs to contribute directly to strategic goals – which means everyone needs a roadmap for becoming full-fledged strategists.

  • Finding your mentor in five simple steps

    • Mar 11, 2024
    • Aaron Hurst

    You know you need a mentor, but you may not know how to get one. Don’t be daunted: Aaron Hurst, guru of the Purpose Economy, says that your next mentor is probably closer than you realize.

  • Cooking up a hot resume: Quality ingredients and an AI taste test

    • Mar 1, 2024

    A how-to guide for creating a resume that makes an impact in the nonprofit sector, with help from an always-ready, AI-powered review partner.

  • How a first interview is like a first date

    • Feb 19, 2024
    • Chelle Shell

    You can’t hurry love – or the hiring process. Here's how to use patience, positivity, adaptability, and finesse to make a true connection.

  • How to write a stand-out cover letter

    • Feb 14, 2024
    • Sandra A. MacKay

    Make yourself an easy “yes” with a cover letter that draws a direct line between the organization’s needs and your experience delivering on them.

  • Are you a match for that program management position?

    • Feb 1, 2024
    • Marc Schultz

    You’ve probably seen a number of listings that concern program management. But what exactly does a program manager do? And how can you tell if it's a good fit for your skills?

  • Mental health resources for jobseekers (and everyone else)

    • Jan 22, 2024
    • Marc Schultz

    As the world remains unpredictable (at best), it’s clear that we all must prioritize our mental health.

  • Addressing burnout in your resume, interview, and career

    • Jan 15, 2024
    • Kelli Karanovich

    What can you do if burnout has your career search stuck on pause? And what can you do to keep future burnout at bay? Learn three tips to help break the burnout cycle.

  • Beth Kanter and Aliza Sherman

    4 ways to thrive under pressure

    • Jan 8, 2024
    • Beth Kanter and Aliza Sherman

    Beth Kanter, author of The Happy Healthy Nonprofit, shares surefire self-care tips especially for purpose-driven professionals.

  • The self-care career advantage: Planning your “Spa Day of Self-Assessment”

    • Jan 1, 2024
    • Marc Schultz

    Understanding yourself is an essential first step in finding a job that fits – but you can’t get the space and peace you need to do that without first taking care of yourself.

  • Stand up! Getting a new perspective

    • Jan 1, 2024
    • Laura Paradise

    Whenever we’re feeling stuck or stymied, it’s almost always a matter of perspective. Here’s how to snap out of it, and meet your next challenge with energy and confidence.

  • Work for Good platform how-tos: A roundup for jobseekers

    • Aug 10, 2023
    • Marc Schultz

    An updated collection of instructions for using Work for Good's on-hand tools to help in searching for and applying for jobs.

  • 7 ways to stay motivated while working from home

    • Aug 1, 2023
    • Molly Barnes

    Spending weeks in one spot can take a toll on productivity; fortunately, you can get restore your mojo by following just a few of these simple tips.

  • Negotiating your return to the office

    • Jul 26, 2023
    • Marc Schultz

    How do you advocate for a return-to-office plan that works for you? We’ve gathered tips to help you define your needs, pitch them to your manager, and stand firm in your decisions.

  • Your opening (interview) line: 10 tips for a strong performance

    • Jun 15, 2023
    • Laura Paradise

    A job interview is your moment in the spotlight – but your message can get lost without the right stagecraft. Captivate your audience with openers (and closers) that land.

  • What your remote-work resume needs

    • Jan 9, 2023
    • Carson Kohler

    How to showcase remote-work skills – in focus, discipline, and communication – and ensure employers know you're up for the challenge.

  • Pressure drop: How to understand and overcome stress

    • Jan 9, 2023
    • Marc Schultz

    Discover a practical approach for heading off the debilitating effects of stress, based in five proven EQ competencies, with ways to put them into action.