What we're reading: Career Insight October 2022

Written by: Marc Schultz
Published on: Oct 13, 2022

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🏇 4 Steps to Finding a New Job After Leaving a Toxic Workplace
The lingering effects of “workplace induced trauma” are real. Here’s how to understand and overcome them. (Forbes)

🪃 If You Miss Your Old Job, “Boomeranging” Might Be In Order
What you might gain from circling back to that old employer – and when you may be better off staying put. (HuffPost)

🤩 Are stars “Quiet Quitting,” Too? Demi Lovato Joins Other Celebs Putting Mental Health First
The lessons we can learn from the famous folks – including Lovato, Justin Bieber, and Jonah Hill – who are scaling back on their time in the spotlight. (Popsugar)

Advice and opportunities from Work for Good

Making a great (digital) first impression
The first thing a potential employer does after reviewing your resume and cover letter? Look you up online. Here’s how to ensure they find every reason to bring you in for an interview.

Jobs of the Week
This week's featured career opportunities!

Leadership training: Certificate of Emotional Intelligence
Put your EQ to work! Develop your capacity to understand others and sharpen team management skills with this virtual, two-part training series offered by GCN, Work for Good’s parent company and one of the country’s largest providers of virtual nonprofit training.

Marc Schultz is communications editor for Work for Good.