What we're reading: Career Insight July 2022

Written by: Marc Schultz
Published on: Jul 27, 2022

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Our favorite of-the-moment articles for jobseekers on trending workplace topics.

👋🏼 Even your boss wants to quit
The C-suite: They’re just like you? New research shows that executives are suffering with burnout, seeking wellness, and prioritizing benefits that improve employee well-being. (Axios)

💃🏾 Beyonce’s ‘Break My Soul’ is a sign the great resignation ‘has seeped into the zeitgeist’
The latest proof of the current labor movement’s popularity, urgency, and authority is a dance anthem from one of the world’s most popular artists. (CNBC)

💵 This is exactly how to ask for a raise no matter what your role
With inflation on the rise, here’s a practical guide to negotiating for better compensation – from prepping your case to conducting the conversation. (Fast Company)

☣️ If you answer yes to any of these 7 questions, your workplace is probably more toxic than you think
An eye-opening list of problematic workplace practices based on a proto-CIA field guide to organizational sabotage. (Inc.)

🤹 How skills-first hiring will win out over more traditional hiring models
Why your skills, not your degrees, will get you the job – plus ways to build them up. (Forbes)

✊🏽 Nonprofit, human services workers are starting to unionize
An on-the-ground look at the resurgent unionization movement’s entry into the nonprofit space. (Times Union)

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Are you a match for direct-service social work?

Are you a match for the development department?

Sound advice

Find your workplace fit by interviewing with values in mind
The interview process can be the perfect way to discover whether an organization’s values are a fit for yours – whether those are philosophical, financial, cause-based, or connected to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Here are four tips for interviewing with values in mind.

Marc Schultz is communications editor at Work for Good.