Our new sector salary reports: What to know before your next career move

Published on: Mar 11, 2019

wfg salary report

When it comes to nonprofit compensation, there are a number of misconceptions both inside and outside the sector, as well as a lack of hard data – making it difficult to assess your current position or next offer, negotiate a salary, or make the case for better compensating your direct reports.

To correct that knowledge gap, and aid you in your quest for a career that’s both impactful and rewarding, Work for Good is proud to present the most comprehensive sector salary benchmarking resources to date for California and Georgia – two major centers of nonprofit activity – free for purpose-driven professionals.

Compiling data from nearly 10,000 California nonprofit positions and 36,000 Georgia nonprofit positions, and broken down by job focus and position – from entry-level to executive to direct service – our latest reports are another groundbreaking, eye-opening resource for your career-building toolkit. (Don’t live in California or Georgia? You can get a sense for how salaries in your area should compare by using an online cost-of-living calculator like this one.)  

What’s more, we’ve gathered some research on the state of sector employment – news that’s likely to exceed your expectations.

Download our free report before making your next career move – asking for a raise, trying out for that promotion, or seeking a new job – and you’ll have the facts to assess offers, negotiate terms, and make your case with confidence.