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Hiring Insights: Our favorites of 2017

Published on: Jan 17, 2018

In 2017, Work for Good delivered a catalog of indispensable advice for tackling nonprofits’ unique HR challenges, contributed by top sector practitioners and consultants. Here are a few of the stories we found most helpful, intriguing, and inspiring.



19 tips for making your job posting simply amazing

These simple fixes, sourced by Vu Le from a crowd of candid nonprofit pros, will keep your job listing from alienating, boring, discouraging, overwhelming, or otherwise driving away the talent you’re looking for. 


A position description that does the job

Job descriptions aren’t just for applicants: They’re also tools for bringing together your current team, defining a role, weighing candidates, and evaluating performance over the months and years to come.

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[How We Hire] Values and passion, startup sensibilities, and a sabbatical that makes a difference

Some of the core values, staff practices, and unique perks – like a paid four-week sabbatical to volunteer abroad – that have helped rank as one of the country’s top nonprofits to work for.  


Is your recruitment process attracting best-fit candidates?

Do you have a hiring process? Does it make any sense? Here are five questions to ask about it – and three tips for re-establishing it, should the answers fail to meet your expectations.


[How We Hire] Staffing a mission that helps staff the world

Seeking employees who are collaborative and excited to grow their careers, Goodwill Industries International offers its people a wide and growing range of skill-building and role-stretching opportunities.


How to lead a diverse team, part one: Systematic superiority

The bad news about leading a team? You can’t manage everything. The good news? You don’t have to. Here’s a guide to finding the leverage points: Where little actions give you system-wide results.


5 rookie interviewer mistakes made by seasoned managers

A primer on avoiding common interview missteps – like talking too much, failing to plan, and forgetting about the future – that leave job candidates wondering whether they should pursue the position at all.


[How We Hire] Hiring for the long haul at a multi-site organization

With a staff farmed out across the country, the ED of American Whitewater beats the turnover challenge by hiring for engagement and independence, then giving staff the freedom to meet goals their own way. 


Where “cultural fit” goes wrong, and how to get it right

Too often, “cultural fit” is just a way to formalize discrimination and disqualify high-potential candidates. Vu Le suggests six steps for turning your culture into a tool for for hiring great people and bonding teams.


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